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undefined review of COLUMNS image 1 out of 1
Carol M.
This puzzle was so fun (and challenging. I recommend doing the edges first of course and then all the lines in the middle where the different color blocks intersect. Finally fill in the center of the color blocks. Good luck!
undefined review of TRIANGLES image 1 out of 1
Roberta S.
Blue Kazoo carries a selection of their 1000 piece puzzles in a 250 piece count size. I decided to try one on a day with limited puzzling time. It ‘s amazing that a puzzle 1/4 the piece count of 1000 pieces can take so much less than a quarter of the time! I truly never watch the clock. I don’t care that I’m slow. And rarely, if ever actually, have I sorted and finished 1000 pieces in one day. This little puzzle was sorted and put together in I’m sure, less than an hour. Quality: Very nice. T...
undefined review of NO BULLS#!T image 1 out of 3+2
Ilona M.
Colors are gorgeous. Everything about this puzzle is quality from the thick, matte pieces to the sturdy box and large poster. The purple and blue areas were a bit challenging to build. Great customer service, too. I had a missing piece and Blue Kazoo sent a complete replacement puzzle.
undefined review of BEDTIME image 1 out of 1
Jen F.
Embrace the Darkness! this puzzle was a very detailed print, love all the variations in shade and texture of the painting. The quality of the pieces is exceptional. I will be buying more, love the challenge of these puzzles.
undefined review of STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE™ image 1 out of 1
Lynsie S.
Another fun one from my favorite, Blue Kazoo! Excellent quality, and super fun illustration here. A little tougher than expected since our girl Strawberry repeats so much! Will definitely be repeating this one again and again.
undefined review of RAGE image 1 out of 1
Laresa M.
Loved this puzzle! There were so many small details I didn’t notice until I was putting it together. It’s the feminist rage puzzle art I never knew I needed! 🩷
undefined review of PILLARS image 1 out of 2+1
Laurie R.
Starfield was the most challenging puzzle I have ever done due to it being mostly black. The quality was fantastic and the pieces fit together well. I may not do it ever again but I enjoyed it once. Pillars was a good follow up to Starfield. The quality, like all of Blue Kazoo puzzles was fantastic. I cant wait for more planets!
undefined review of VELOCIPEDE image 1 out of 1
Roberta S.
This is my favorite puzzle design - a central figure with variations of shade or texture in the background. Still, I selected this one because I thought it would be a challenge. I previously did a more colorful one from Blue Kazoo called Barrier Reef, which had its challenging moments. For Velocipede, with all those shades of brown and black, all those letters to piece together, and the large areas of color to fill the main subject, I was convinced it would be tough. I settled on moderate diffi...
undefined review of OUT WEST image 1 out of 1
Andy W.
Great piece to add to our collection of Arizona puzzles/ The colors and different take on the landscape are superb! We already framed the puzzle and will add it to our wall this weekend!
undefined review of TRAIN PUZZLE image 1 out of 1
Trevor G.
I hadn't done a jigsaw puzzle in several years, but I thought Blue Kazoo's Train Puzzle would be a good starting point for a 1,000 piece puzzle, because of the various areas of distinct color and recognizable patterns. I'm happy to say that it was a perfect buy for what I wanted. It was a good challenge for someone who doesn't puzzle often, but not so challenging that it was impossible to complete, and the quality of the puzzle is great as well. The pieces are thick enough to hold together well,...
undefined review of LOOT PARTY image 1 out of 1
Gregory O.
Just getting started but can see it's going to be fun to do as all of the prior ones have been. Looking forward to hanging it to remind me of Christmas 2023. Good puzzle.
undefined review of MERIDIAN image 1 out of 1
Matthew E.
Wow, what a gorgeous puzzle! Felt so good just to take in the colors, and it's a fun level of detail to do in 1000 pieces. Took a while, but it made for some real quality time with my mom & sister over Thanksgiving. Subsequently ordered all of the artist's other puzzles!
undefined review of TRIANGLES image 1 out of 1
Alyssa H.
When doing this puzzle make sure you have appropriate lighting. The red and orange sections nearly drove me mad until I tried working on them in the daylight. My husband and I enjoyed working on this puzzle and it kept us busy for several days.
undefined review of DAUGHTER image 1 out of 1
Krysia G.
My art-obsessed 14 year old loves these puzzles. She's almost done with Daughter and enjoyed all the different colors. We have A LOT of Blue Kazoo puzzles and they are really fun!
undefined review of STARRY WAVE PUZZLE image 1 out of 1
Julie H.
This one was so much fun. Thought it would be tough with all the blues— but there are enough differences to tell the pieces apart. Initially wasn’t sure about the idea of the blending of these two artworks (Starry Night being such a favorite of mine), but I loved it! So creative! Would be interested in more like this one. Very unique puzzling experience.
undefined review of THE LOOK image 1 out of 1
Michael C.
I made this one a while ago and was so impressed with the sharp resolution of the canvas, brushstrokes, and colors! The Sustainable puzzles are exceptional in quality. I enjoy a variety of puzzle subjects but really appreciate your choosing lesser-known artists like Jawlensky. I guess that these don't sell as briskly as the more commercial titles like Tetris, Atari or the planet ones, but I hope you will continue to produce more fine art puzzles - hopefully, a splatter-painting which would be...
undefined review of OCEAN LINER image 1 out of 1
Steve M.
Excellent puzzles. High quality. Challenging but accessible, doable. We bought all three in the Across the Continent Series on sale. Two down, one to go. When we want quality intriguing and unique 1000 piece puzzles to do, we always turn to Blue Kazoo.
undefined review of FLOWER POT image 1 out of 1
Sue G.
Puzzle therapy from Blue Kazoo. It was a great experience from start to finish. Blue Kazoo puts thought in every aspect of their puzzles. From the packaging with fun sayings and excellent artwork, to the piece quality and cut. Everything is designed to elevate the puzzling experience
undefined review of TRIPPY PICNIC image 1 out of 1
Nancy C.
Everyone enjoyed this "trippy" puzzle. It was challenging enough to keep my adult kids working on it while catching up on our lives. No onto my solo effort to complete "Out West." I appreciate the quality of the puzzles: beautiful reproductions with solid fitting pieces. And thanks for your sustainability commitment
undefined review of DAUGHTER image 1 out of 1
Sheila T.
This was my favorite blue kazoo puzzle so far. The colors were beautiful and the fit was fantastic. I love the new black backing on the puzzle pieces. The puzzles pieces now come in a resealable bag. The box itself is compact and sturdy. I love that it is the size of a book and easily fits on a book shelve. Look forward to working many more of their puzzles.
undefined review of OUT WEST image 1 out of 1
Sally D.
Blue Kazoo puzzles are by far my favorite. The thick study pieces have a nice matte finish and hold well. This series by Liskaflower are so pretty and look almost three dimensional. The packaging and the environmental consideration makes them even better.
undefined review of SUN PUZZLE image 1 out of 2+1
Anne T.
Are you looking for a challenge? Then look no further, I have the puzzle for you. This was definitely a challenging puzzle but it was completely worth all the hours it took. I worked the earth, sun and moon puzzle and had an absolute blast! Now they are not easy, but it was a fun and unique puzzle which is exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend them. I also want to give a shout out to the unbelievably stellar customer support from Blue Kazoo. I had an issue with the Sun puzzle right ...
undefined review of SUN image 1 out of 1
Allyssa G.
I hated every second of this ambiguously orange and red puzzle. I would close my eyes to go to sleep and see the pieces floating around in my head, a mess of ruddy-black and slices of airy yellow. It took me over a week (a rarity)…but once you get finished, it’s a nice accomplishment and looks great. Not the most impossible puzzle, but definitely on the harder side if you don’t know the tricks to organize the pieces for this circular puzzle.
undefined review of TRIPPY PICNIC image 1 out of 1
Candace H.
I LOVE the way these puzzle pieces feel. They are smooth but matte and the backside has a nice grip to it. This was a fun yet challenging puzzle and one that I’ll definitely do again!
undefined review of THE TRAVELER image 1 out of 1
Richard B.
Blue Kazoo jigsaw puzzles are my favorite! The piece cut is right-on and each piece feels as if it has character as it neatly fits into its neighbor. I'm glad to be able to be part of this great puzzle experience 10/10
undefined review of RUMOR HAS IT image 1 out of 1
Cindy T.
Blue Kazoo has the best and most challenging puzzles! And… the best customer service! As you can see, I have a piece missing and Blue Kazoo sent me a replacement puzzle!
undefined review of TRIPPY PICNIC image 1 out of 1
Rebekah N.
Trippy Picnic was my first premium sustainable puzzle from Blue Kazoo. I love the feel of the pieces, and the smell ( is that weird?) The image is fun and the 250 piece count was pure fun without taking forever. I will be DEFINITELY putting this puzzle together again!
undefined review of MERIDIAN image 1 out of 2+1
Janette P.
I loved it! I thought this puzzle will be very easy, so I was surprised when I saw this was not the case, but the puzzle was still very enjoyable, the piece cut is brilliant and very distinctive, and it looked absolutely stunning when finished!
undefined review of JET STREAM image 1 out of 1
Janette P.
I really enjoyed this puzzle, I do think it would be fairly difficult in 1000 piece version though! The bottom section was smooth and easy, due to the gradient, but the top was a different story.
undefined review of PATTERNS image 1 out of 1
Susan H.
I love this puzzle! Out of all the puzzles I’ve collected over the years, and there are a lot, this is my favorite. The quality is excellent and the mat finish is superb. The colors and design are a joy to work with. This is one that I will work multiple times. Thank you Blue Kazoo for making such a stunning puzzle!
undefined review of VENUS image 1 out of 1
Laila M.
Venus was a blast to do. The new sustainable series makes the jigsaw puzzles a blast to put together. The colours are vibrant, but without any glare. The shapes are different enough so there are no false fits. It also has a nice tight fit. With the new collaboration for international shipment, the delivery is fast and affordable. I love it, If you are wondering to buy or not to buy, I'd say bough. You won't regret it.
undefined review of RIDE OR DIE image 1 out of 1
James H.
Blue Kazoo’s never disappoint, a beautiful product inside and outside the box. If you want to look sophisticated while having fun with your family, Blue Kazoo is clearly the only option.
undefined review of MOON PUZZLE image 1 out of 4+3
James S.
High quality puzzle as always from Blue Kazoo. Definitely difficult due to the monochromatic color scheme. More difficult than Earth and Jupiter, but easier than the Sun. I ended up building this one on top of the Sun puzzle because the cut pattern is exactly the same. I am starting to get the hang of the geometry of these rounded puzzles, which really stimulates my mind.
undefined review of MICROLIFE III PUZZLE image 1 out of 1
Julie H.
Mesmerizing, challenging, and fun! Love the extra bonus of “mystery” surrounding the puzzle image. Will some of these older puzzles make an appearance in your sustainable format lineup? They’re fantastic!
undefined review of TRAIN image 1 out of 1
Louise C.
This puzzle was a lot of fun to do with my 9yo. The pieces are high quality and the image is crisp and clear. I am a big fan of bluekazoo puzzles 🧩! I’ll be buying more
undefined review of AIRPLANE PUZZLE image 1 out of 1
Katherine D.
I loved this puzzle! I reviewed it on r/jigsawpuzzles: ( Lovely quality, great price (I got the set of 3 as a package), and the pieces hold together the perfect amount for my preference. You can tell the image was created to be a puzzle. I had so much fun putting it together. I'm usually busy so I mostly do 500 piece puzzles, but I couldn't resist this one, and it was a great difficulty level. Highly recommend!
undefined review of LOOT PARTY image 1 out of 1
Katherine O.
I like to have a Christmas puzzle out during the season, especially to minister to the introverts in our group; they want to be present, but get exhausted by all the people interaction over the week. This was a fun one and it worked as intended!
undefined review of DAUGHTER image 1 out of 2+1
Donna B.
Beautiful puzzle! Colors are much more vibrant than in the pics. This is my first puzzle since I was a kid. I didnt think I could do it as I have a brain injury and felt overwhelmed at first, but it was well worth the effort and so satisying to finish. Turned out to be fun and relaxing. The quality of the peices is amazing. Well worth the cost. I'm defiantely a fan and look forward to the next one!
undefined review of NEBULA PUZZLE image 1 out of 3+2
James S.
Love the BlueKazoo space puzzles. Previously completed and reviewed the Pillars. I started with the blue dust clouds, then moved to the red, back to the blue to brown area, then the star field, and then moved on to the background. It was great. I actually assembled the puzzle on top of the Pillars puzzle because they had the same cut pattern. My wife says that's cheating, but I tell her there are no rules and the fast I get the puzzle done the sooner our dining room table will be cleared for use...
undefined review of MICROLIFE II PUZZLE image 1 out of 1
Michael C.
This is my kind of puzzle: quirky, colorful, random, difficult, full of textures and details. For this one, the glossy finish didn't bother me. I would have appreciated more info about what the puzzle is of - it's actually not "life," it's a cross-section of a rock - but enjoyed doing the research. The expansive and chaotic nature of outer space is present in the smallest of things, too. I wonder if you could go even smaller next time - like, truly microscopic images which are beautiful and ...
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