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undefined review of Frieda Human Hair Wig image 1 out of 1
Madison M.
I got my wig and had it applied at my hairdressers! I love it. I got it in a full lace cap and the hairline is almost unnoticeable up close. The style was a little longer than the pic but I supposed thats a bonus. The colour I ordered was 4/33. The human hair quality is excellent with no shedding and very soft. Thanks everyone!
Frieda Human Hair Wig
undefined review of Elle Lace Front Wig  by Smart Lace image 1 out of 1
Sabine K.
I received the wig yesterday and - while it is not as dark as I had hoped - the colour is really gorgeous, so I will keep it. I had assumed it would be a medium brown with some highlights, but this is a dark blonde with highlights - not that much darker than the first wig - but it's too nice not to keep! 😉 I love the Elle lace front wig.
Elle Lace Front Wig by Smart Lace
Elaine S.
Love my new two colour turban! It took a while to get here but was worth the wait. Beautifully packaged ...great quality and the colour combination is delightfully chic and sophisticated.... it will also go with many outfits and can either dress up or down.. So very versatile. When you suffer hair loss items like this are a joy to have!
Jaka Headcover Turban
undefined review of Megan  Human Hair Wig image 1 out of 1
The hair on this wig is silky and the colour is rich. There is minimal shedding and the lace is soft. I would buy again.
Megan Human Hair Wig
undefined review of Two strand Braided Headband image 1 out of 1
A braided headband is much nicer than your traditional cloth or plastic headband. If you can get the colour to match, it looks pretty natural. I get lots of compliments on it and it adds to my usual boring hairstyle.
Two strand Braided Headband
undefined review of Intoxicating Spice Monofilament Lace Front Wig image 1 out of 1
Sabine K.
I ordered two wigs from your site. This is the Intoxicating Spice by Belle Tress Wigs. I got it in colour Honey Chai with Latte. This wig is good for average to large head sizes, good quality fibre.
Intoxicating Spice Monofilament Lace Front Wig
John W.
Great Wig for Guys Too! My wife convinced me to try a womens wig to get the look I needed and it worked. This wig fits well and looks just like my natural colour. My barber cut and trimmed it up into a masculine looking style and I am feeling great.
Layered Bob
ten out of ten wig! This wig is ten out of ten. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Wow, it is better than even any real hair wig I have had. Honestly I am hooked on this style. Why? Because the hair is so soft and real. It is awesome. Get this wig. Get four of them.
Maxwella Lace Front Wig 18 inches
Lovin my rooted human hair wig Hi, I love this wig and the human hair quality is better than other suppliers out there. i had to wait 3 weeks to get it as I ordered a custom color but I was major excited when it arrived and got compliments from my entire family. I want to order another wig from your site for my wedding this spring. Thanks Hair and Beauty Team!
Ella Human Hair Wig
Shannon W.
Hid my thinning hair My family doctor suggested I consider wearing a hairpiece and I came across your website. I was impressed with large selection and the products. I ordered this hair piece because I have a large area to cover on my head and it worked! I was happy with how easy it was to install and the color is gorgeous. I ended up dying my own hair to match the piece because the color of the piece was much nicer than my hair color. I would tell anyone who has thinning hair and wants to hide...
Easi Part Human Hair 18" XL
Very Pleased! This Hairpiece is great, it feels great, very light to wear, feels very natural and blends great with my own hair. It clips in very securely and easily. Very Pleased!
Top Form 18 inch Hairpiece - Human Hair
Mrs D.
My daughter has this in color 10R I purchased this for my little one with alopecia and she loves it. It was a little shiny, but we just used the wig wand and some talc powder and it looks great. I plan to order a custom human hair wig later, but this works for now. Thanks for all your help making her dreams come true.
Ashley Childrens Wig
Alice N.
Excellent Pric I was so happy to see that you carry perfume. I got more than 50% off on this. Great deal, love your store. I will try a hair product next time too.
Miss Dior Perfume Fragrance
Madelyn C.
Bought this hairpiece for a gift and she loved it Hi, I bought this as part of a present for my daughter and she cannot stop talking about how much she appreciates it. We have been looking for these hairpieces for a long time so we are so glad to have found your website. Thanks again.
Magic Hair Wrap
Frank H.
Best Mens Hairstyle I Have Ever Had I was not sure if I would like this since it is synthetic hair but I can't get over just how real this thing looks. It beats having a bald spot. I took it to my barber to trim it up and it looks very natural. Price was good to. Next year I will order a custom human hair one but this works just fine for now. Thanks to the lady on the phone who spoke with me. I didn't catch her name but she is very friendly and knowledge about mens wigs and hair loss. Ok good d...
JR Mens Wig
Gorgeous Wig!!! Hi Hair and Beauty Team, I am in love with this wig. Is that normal? I love the color. This will be my go to summer wig for sure. I never wore a Raquel Welch wig. I am usually a Jon Renau Junkie so it looks like the fight is on between the two companies. So exciting. I will email you a picture. It is so cute.
Modernista Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch (Special Order)
Holly W.
Sweet Hair Color! I love this look! Dark roots with platinum blonde streaks. It is a wild look that turns heads and gets lots of compliments. I work in the fashion industry and this wig is a hit. Awesome quality human hair also.
Zamber Human Hair Wig
Looks like my own I got this last week and loved it so much I thought I would come put in a good review and also get some reward points while doing so that I can come back and buy another one with my points! It is a really cute style and it looks just like my own hair looked before I lost all my hair. My boyfriend loves the look and so do I.
Evan Lace Front Wig
Fran G.
Really Beautiful Ponytail I just received my order and I really love it. I have a lot of hair so it was a little hard to clip on but I managed to make it work and it looks really cute. I would recommend this to anyone.
Conflict Ponytail Hairpiece
Enda H.
My hair is better now Hi Hair and Beauty Team, Thanks for all your help. I called your office because I wanted to cover some balding areas and didn't want a full wig or a topper. This was sort of in between and did the trick. It seems to be on secure and the colour blends well into my own hair. I am a lot happier and more confident now that I have this hairpiece. Thanks
Easi Fringe + Human Hair Clip on Bangs Hairpiece
Dianna H.
Best Brand of Wigs Ever Made I have been buying Noriko for at least 12 years, the style called Robin. Anyhow, I just ordered this one in the blonde and I am going nuts. I cant get over how good I look. This wig rocks. It is just beyond fabulous. I can even heat style this one. If you want good quality, get this wig. Get them all. I am so glad I am your customer. Woo hoo! I cant wait to rock this in the summer when it comes. Hope it comes soon.
Straight Press 23 Monofilament Lace Front Wig
Awesome Mono Human Hair Wig I had this wig styled by my hairdresser and he said the quality was the best he has ever seen. I got so many compliments that it looked like my original hairstyle before I lost my hair due to chemo. The color A30 was a beautiful medium brown. Very happy!
Blair Mono Human Hair Wig
This is a great style and looks fantastic. This is a great style and looks fantastic. There aren't too many large sized wigs to choose from. There are also very few wigs that don't require thinning or styling after you purchase them this is perfect out of the box.
Allure Wig Size Large
Neat Hair Accessory One of the ladies in my office always has the neatest hair styles and one day when I complimented her on her hair, she confessed it was this Mimic hairpiece from your store so I had to come on here and buy one for myself. I love it. I bought two of them to create a fuller effect. Great colour match as well.
Mimic Hairpiece
Becky is my favorite Wig Hi Hair and Beauty Team, I have been shopping with you folks for wigs faithfully since 2010 and I am so glad that Becky is still available. For a wig that is not a mono top it sure looks real and my friends and family are so accustomed to be me in this style I couldn't imagine having any other wig. I love your secret wig sales and stuff and plan to shop with you all for many years to come. If anyone wants a nice curly style that doesn't tangle, Becky is a good choice fo...
Becky Wig Estetica
Katie H.
Best hair wig I ever owned I think my title says it all. I ordered color as shown in the photo. I think it was a mix of red and blonde evenly. It turned out awesome and really makes my green eyes pop. I would love to include a photo but then, the world would know I am wearing a wig, so NOT! My advice to shoppers, is to get help about cap styles and sizes before ordering and then order away because you will love your new hair and get addicted to this store as much as I am. Love you guys. Thanks ...
Bridgette Human Hair Wig
Jasmine V.
Best Human Hair wig I have ever owned The title about this wig says it all. The hair looks just like the photo and is really soft. I ordered this in the full lace cap and had my hairdresser sew it in for me. It is very realistic looking and my friends said they would never know if was a wig if I didn't tell them. I am going to save up my money and order more of these from you guys very soon.
Mercedes Human Hair Wig
Linda C.
Jazz Petite Sized Wig by Jon Renau
Kelowna J.
Awesome Wig! I love this wig. It looks very natural as its not too thick. I had the back trimmed a bit shorter, but knew when I ordered it that I would probably do that. The sides were perfect as they were. I highly recommend this wig.
Enigma Wig by Raquel Welch
Margo D.
5-Star Terry Turban I purchased a black terry turban to wear around the house when I don't want to fuss with a wig. It is soft, comfortable, stylish and washes well. Delivery was prompt.
Terry Turban
Wear it Right Away I was pleasantly shocked at how I literally just pulled this out of the box and put it on my head and it looked really great. I got the color in photo. It's very light auburn more than brown but looks amazing. I am a happy customer. Thank you!!!!
Sophia Human Hair Lace Front Wig
great service My order was process quickly and delivered on time to my home. I was not able to find the discount code but emailing the office a refund was quickly applied to my account Thank you for excellent service..
Ron Mens Toupee Hairpiece
Kris Y.
Love my new wig This style is so beautiful that I hate to call it a wig. It has become my hair. Admittedly we got off to a rough start as I had never had human hair before but once I learned how to take care of it, I am happy as a bee. The colour is gorgeous. I got 4/33 brown with burgundy mix and the texture is silky. I ordered a full lace wig and went to a lady in town who sewed it on and it looks very natural. Been swimming twice and it still looks great.
Jamie Lynn Human Hair Lace Wig
Raven M.
Great deal on Perfume I was happy to find your site and I definitely will be back to shop for more things here. This fragrance is really nice smelling and the price was great.
Flora by Gucci Fragrance
Veira L.
Absolutely beautiful with blunt cut bangs I always wanted super long hair and I did not want extensions because they tend to look fake and damage your hair. I never tried a wig before and this was the best option. I can take this off when I want to but it seems I never want to take this off. My husband says I am obsessed. He loves my new hair. I got this customer bright red color 130/31. It is really bright and shows off my personality and my tattoos.
Richelle Human Hair Wig
These eyelashes make your eyes pop I have been wearing eyelash extensions for the past year and they have cost me a fortune and damaged my own lashes. I was so glad to find these press on lashes in human hair. I will wear these from now on for sure. They are my go to eyelashes and I have only needed to replace them once in 3 months. I keep reusing them and they look really natural. These look best with clear or black glue.
Eyelash #62 Faux Eyelashes
Wendy H.
Super comfortable hat! I bought this for a friend who is going through chemo and she said this hat is super comfortable and appreciated the gift. I bought her two more.
Sleep Cap Elastic
Jenny M.
Really Cute Wig This style is a hit and I am so glad Jon Renau has made a long wavy hairstyle. It is worth trying. Very natural and good quality. Shipping was quick and delivered in 6 days even though I had 14 day shipping.
Sarah Wig by Jon Renau
Love the colour! Saw this wrap and I knew I had to buy it! The colour is amazing and the feel is so soft. Great material, it doesn't irritate my sensitive scalp. I am definitely more than pleased with this purchase. I will be buying more and recommending the website to people with simular conditions.
Softie Wrap
Mrs H.
Gorgeous Wig, A must have I ordered this wig the second day it came available on your website and have since ordered 2 more for back ups. I love the color and ordered the color shown in R9F26. I feel so glamourous in it and it really brightens up my skin tone.
Cover Girl Wig by Raquel Welch
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