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Very happy with this candle. It’s great quality, has a rich, deep scent, is really big and burns slowly, unlike some other brands I’ve bought recently that are gone in a week. The delivery was speedy and the packaging was very high quality. This is my new go to place for fragrances. I can’t fault this experience.
The Masculine Candle Collection - 560g
Shopping experience very easy with postage under a week. Opening the package was a treat, high end materials, stunning black box and velvet bag which I have kept. The scent is long lasting, summer fresh with warm Oud tones. I normally use "Patchouli Ardent" by Guerlian but this scent equals it in my opinion. I bought the 50ml but should have bought the 100ml which I will next time. Thank you Paul!
Oudh & Leather 50ml
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Now that I have discovered Paul Anthony I am simply converted Durable lasting sent Beautiful packaging Delivered in no time Order all the simples and select your favourite or more new sent I know I did
Oudh & Leather 100ml
Absolutely love this collection. Seductive, fresh, sophisticated, modern yet timeless… This set has it all! So nice when complimented on how good you smell :) On par with the best Houses for sure!
The Five Way
I love all Paul Anthony’s products. They are of great quality. From the perfume catalogue, each has a distinct masculine scent and they are much better value for money compared to the branded ones. The scent is also long lasting. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla | Eau De Parfum
I had seen the ads for Leather Oud on social media for a while, and I finally jumped in and grabbed a bottle. It arrived today…., I can honestly say that this is the absolute best cologne I’ve ever used. I’m used to high end colognes, like Creed, Aramis, Pierre Cardin and Tom Ford. I was looking for a full leather fragrance, and this hits where other brands just don’t. You have a gorgeous product that you should be very proud of, and you’ve got a customer in me for as long as you do what you do....
100ml Oudh & Leather | Eau De Parfum
This candle doesn't only smell and last for ages! The presentation/packaging and delivery is next level and this is why I keep ordering! 10/10 every time!
The Masculine Candle Collection - 560g
Perfect to trial the scents and see which one actually matches with my skin and also which ones I would like in the candle version. Thank you :)
The Five Way
I bought this candle as a gift for a friend who really liked my candles. They will be continuing to purchase the candle, plus a few friends that photographed the candle after smelling the scent so they also could purchase a candle. Word of mouth is the best reference you can get.
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla
Absolutely love it, l could not recommend this product anymore! It is a great product you will not be disappointed you have my word!
The Amalfi Man | Eau De Parfum
Love the fragrance it's amazing and so addictive, will buy again and thank you for the beautiful communication and packaging.
Dark Rose & Warm Wood | Eau De Parfum
Another brilliant parfum. This one blends smoothly and lasts. Not too overpowering but subtle, the sign of a quality product. The tester amalfi man is different, daring with uplifting fruity textures.
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla
Really happy with my blind purchase. Based on the positive reviews l went ahead place my first order sandlewood & dark vanilla very happy with this one. Two days later order the summer duo again amazing fragrance.Can't fault the service prompt and professional thank you will be ording again.
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla 100ml
I have worked in customer service my whole life. I am genuinely impressed with the Paul Anthony business. Really high end product. Great buying experience. Awesome samples. This is like a lesson in e commerce..... I am completely won over.
Oudh & Leather
Goodbye Tom Ford and Chanel because Paul Anthony EAU DE PARFUM is going with me to my travel abroad. I love all scents inside this minimalist black box.
New Arrival!!! The Five Way Set
Impressive presentation in a classy black drawstring bag. Samples included of two other fragrances which are also fabulous so another purchase will be necessary. We both love all these fragrances.
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla
This scent is my absolute favourite, the Tom Fords have been relegated to the back of the collection shelf. I wasn't sure how the vanilla would smell but watched the video where it was described and thought i would give it a go. I now have one at each of my homes (with the rest of the Paul Anthony scents tbh), it is that good. I sometimes layer this with the oud and leather and they work amazingly together. I have no idea how they produce this for the price, but I'm also not complaining-sign...
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla
They had Leather & Oud candles at Soho Farmhouse and I’ve been hunting for them in Australia ever since. I love these! They look very stylish and come in a black bag. Mine also kindly came with some samples of other products they do! I will definitely order again and recommend!
Leather & Oudh
I had recently purchased the Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla from the Paul Anthony collection. Value for money is spot on and the fragrance lasts all day. Shipping is on point and trusted Seller. Thanks for the great experience 🙂
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla
This fragrance and The Amalfi man I bought full bottles of are wonderful. Both unique and very different. This is a very underrated and underrecognized brand. I learned about both of these substances from the 5 way sample set (a great idea more houses should consider - big samples). Will most likely be back to this house to try the candles in the future.
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla
great packaging, presentation and prompt flawless service. a let down would be after the care to attention and detail would be the hap-hazard way the Paul Anthony stickers are placed on the tissue paper that my purchase are wrapped within. i'm a proud wearer of your products and look forward to continued purchases.
PRE ORDER | Leather Extreme
I bought my first bottle of Paul Anthony after seeing it come up in my social media (FB) feed. The packaging was attractive and elegant. I've worn it and had compliments on the lingering scent it leaves after leaving a room or heading out to an appointment. It is earthy, heady and manages to be sophisticated & intriguing all at the same time. Good one PA
Oudh & Leather | Eau De Parfum
Simply amazing! Great masculine fragrance for the winter that will transition into early summer. Amazing depth and a little certainly goes a long way with the scent lasting throughout the day. Love the fact it’s all Australian and is certainly punching above it’s weight in terms of price, I’ve paid more for far less in the past. If this one is anything to go by I’ll be trying the whole range. Well done Paul, amazing product 👏 👏
Oudh & Leather | Eau De Parfum
This is a Christmas present but the inclusion of samples means i get to try I cant say which i like the best I will say the other fragrances i already have will stay on the bathroom shelf haha
Oudh & Leather
The fragrances created by Paul Anthony are exceptional! They are so unique, long lasting, heavenly to wear and create quite the talking points, I always get " what are you wearing, you smell gorgeous!" I'll take those sort of compliments anyway! So, if you want to feel fresh, Manly and a real talking point, head straight to Paul Anthony for your latest men's fragrance. The Summer duo is to die for......! Shane Scanlon❤️
The Summer Duo
Paul Anthony is very professional. The packaging is great and the shipping is fast. The Sandalwood and Vanilla is the best fragrance. It lasts all day and has good projection. I regularly get compliments when I wear it. You won't be disappointed.
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla 100ml
The first time I was privileged to discover Paul Anthony I requested simples and within 72 hours they arrived at my door by courier, I was sold ever prior testing them Wow my good I am utterly Addicted the scent is heaven masculin without been boutch lasting people stop you saying what is this beautiful perfume I am a fun and I have been addicted so thank you for having created these beautiful fragrances that I now have them all 💯❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹👏👏
Leather Extreme
Love this candle. It’s the candle that keeps on giving as it lasts for weeks even though I light it every day. It’s a great centre piece on my coffee table. Will definitely purchase again. To add, the communication was excellent and arrived within a couple of days despite the Christmas rush!
The Masculine Candle Collection - 560g
Paul Anthony has become a staple in my fragrance collection. This two are masterpieces that are celebrations of all things summer - fresh, invigorating, exciting. The bottles themselves also look elegant on my shelf while reflects the effortless elegance Paul Anthony is know for. Every spray is like an extra burst of Sydney sunshine. I adore them.
The Summer Duo
Easy to order and arrived quickly. Perfect gift for my husband, who loved all 5 perfumes. They smell divine and stay on the skin which is great. Beautifully presented. Will definitely be buying more.
The Five Way
Bought my son the sample pack for Christmas so he could choose his favourite. He has a few but decided on this one for a birthday present. Needless to say he loves it.
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla
Another great scent from Paul Anthony and the service is impeccable. The Leather Extreme is quite masculine and not overwhelming. I would love to see the hint of tobacco in it as well.
Leather Extreme
Incredible scent. The perfect blend of citrus top notes and a beautiful smoky boldness to it without an overbearing sense of musk. The cedar balances both profiles perfectly. Very pleased I rolled the dice on this. I’ll be back to try the Amalfi scent next.
Oudh & Leather | Eau De Parfum
After reading the reviews about this fragrance. I decided to try it for myself. This fragrance not only astounded me, but also everyone that smells it. I have had quite a few compliments in regards to how beautiful it smells. This is definitely my favourite scent so far.
White Wood & Citrus | Eau De Parfum
Fantastic scents which have a very decent lasting power. The Five Way is a great idea to test out all the scents and to experiment with layering as well. Will definitely be purchasing some full size bottles soon
The Five Way
A beautiful fragrance. Sophisticated and very sexy plus quite unusual. This fragrance makes a bold interesting statement. Beautifully packaged and labeled too. This is a winner. Probably one of my absolute favorite fragrances.
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla 50ml
I am in love with my new scent . It is absolutely beautiful. People ask me what I am wearing and part of me doesn’t want to tell them because I want it to be exclusive to me 😍
Sandalwood & Dark Vanilla 50ml
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