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Adrianne P.
I love wearing My Pretty Queen T-Shirt🌹. I appreciate Stephan for revitalizing my queenly attributes with his messages🥰🌹. For that along, he gets the right to be classified as a Godly King❤️👑🤩🙏🏾🌈🌞👏🏾🌹
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Nicole C.
Your books are so wonderful Stephan! All of them drew me in, especially the How to Get A Woman to Have Sex With You: If You're Her Husband, please enjoy the Husband Honey photo gift ; ) I feel like every one of your books has answered so many of my questions that I've had over the years. The way you write and what you say is so meaningful and appropriate at AnYtImE, and it is my wish that more seekers of this information find YOU to help them because this information has helped me feel more co...
How To Get A Woman To...
Ashlee R.
I love this book it has opened my eyes to a lot that I didn’t really understand men wise I would recommend this to everyone to read if your looking to do things the righteous way the only way this is the book for you
The Man God Has For You - Ebook
Jeriesha G.
Reading this book has opened my eyes to a lot of things, I wasn’t exspecting to get a lot of insight like I did.. It showed me how to deal with men and myself as a woman. So very well put I loved the book.
The Man God Has For You - Ebook
Vivian W.
Just went through a divorce after 45 years God cleared a path for me and now met a man 25 years younger than me he is a Godly man and now he wants me to be his life partner .God brought him to me he cleared a path for him to me your book was beautiful written and I recommend this book to any one going through a bad break up or divorce it helped a lot thank you for writing it.
The Man God Has For You - Ebook
Melissa C.
This book was exactly what I wanted to continue my journey. I was able to identify the mistakes I've made in the past & how I can get past them. Thank you Stephan for being so real!
The Man God Has For You - Paperback
Sheila B.
First let me say Thank You for this book. You really know how to get someone in touch with there feeling's. I really enjoy reading this book. It put me into my feelings and as much as I was in denial about everything that happen in my past relationship the more you kept saying everything that I knew that I had to do. So I ripped the band-aid off of my heart and let it bleed out and started to heal. So Thank You again for writing this amazing book.
The Man God Has For You - Paperback
Shayla M.
Wish I could have gotten this book 20 years ago. It would've saved me so much anxiety and resentment towards people in my past. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with the world!! God bless!
Daily Affirmations for Healing
Jackee S.
I had to do all of reflecting on my part in the relationship I'm in now and think on different things that were said or done on my partners' part. Trying to better myself in anyway I can. Thanks for the insight. I will tune in to you on YouTube
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Adrianne P.
The main concept I gleaned in embracing every word of ‘How to Get A Man to Cherish You…’ is that in order to have a healthy, loving and long-lasting marriage, you must first totally love your mate or else it is all just counterfeit-oneness! I started off my relationship journey giving men, who were not worthy, the respect, support and nurturing detailed in this gem of wisdom until I was crushed on several occasions. Then, I started to settle while always yearning to get the true love I wanted a...
How To Get A Man To Cherish You...
Tessa E.
I have been praying so hard for so long for God to give me guidance. Even though I’m not a 100% yet I feel Stephan’s words and wisdom are guiding me to healing and knowing my worth! Thank you so much for all you do!
Healing Your Heart ❤️ Bundle
Gardenia A.
So far, I've read the book "The Man God has for you" and I enjoyed it very much. It's definitely a good book for a woman who wants to seek God's guidance in finding the man for her. I've learned many things from this book, and I think the most important one for me is talking to God because I never thought that is necessary in this personal matter. Thank you!
Receiving the Right Man Bundle
Sandra N.
I found all of Stephan's videos and ebooks to be absolutely high quality. His content is so accurate, his knowledge and awareness of how people relate and respond in relationship is very impressive. And his ability to convey this information clearly, completely, and tactfully is equally impressive. Stephan's ebook Getting over Heartbreak lives up to it's name. He relates and empathizes with the heartbreak, letting us know this happens to everyone and we are not flawed. Then he teaches a way...
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Idalee C.
You have made stronger where. I was weak ! Thank you ! I didn't respond earlier cuz I can't get in my mail for whatever reason I only want to discuss it but you have helped me areas where I was weak don't say nothing I just wish I want to know who is it that song hurting physically my arms hurt I just Dave want me to fight but they want me to lose but I'm a winner greatly appreciate it I'll keep you posted I just want to leave in peace I think it's these women that is so lost you may think I d...
He's Lying Sis - Ebook
Joie D.
Thanks to Manifest The Man God Has in Store For You I feel like this is my personal journal. A personal journal which has helped me to focus on transforming into the new me and pushing my limits for love, opening my heart ❤️, building my business and becoming physically fit. By seeing the proof of what once was up close has changed my life. Resulting in me to keep riding up this new hill and not looking back. Thanks Stephan for showing me. I’m leveling up into a better woman and future spouse f...
Manifest The Man God Has For You Daily Journal - Ebook
Joie D.
Since listening and reading your material I’ve had many ups/downs which I’m trying to work on. Because I’ve been working out my life things have changed me. Some good and some bad but if I hadn’t purchased your products I’d most likely will be still complacent with failing. Yes the world is on my shoulders but I’m learning to not allow other men know my struggles until we know each other more.
Trust Issues Masterclass
Tina O.
I got this book as. A gift for someone so I can’t speak on it but I’m sure it’s a good book based on other topics I’ve heard Stephen speak on.
The Man God Has For You - Paperback
Thank you so much the shirt is awesome. Reminded me and I stay at Kaylee that I am the princess of the most high God. Love you in the Lord
Fit For A King
Janice D.
I really enjoyed reading this book, open my heart to love and to understand men or stronger than I thought. And a good man need love, prayers, someone to just listen and support to bring out the best in him. Thanks
The Man God Has For You - Paperback
Irita J.
Wow this really hit home. I didn’t realize how much pain and hurt I was carrying around from my past. I’m now working on me to be free of this “baggage” and to be a happier person especially before getting into another relationship.
Healing Your Heart ❤️ Bundle
Carol M.
I loveeeeeee these books it really gets you thinking and realizing things you need to work on stephan did an amazing job with these books my all time favorite you need all 3 im so happy I didn't just get the 1 thank you stephan
Healing Your Heart ❤️ Bundle
Nikiti R.
I Love this book, it helped me to go back and heal some inner childhood issues that I never thought about at first, because it wasn't nothing big,I thought, but this book made me realize it really actually was regardless of how small a situation may have been,if it hurted you,it's time to deal with it...Get the book,you will be Blessed by it...
Love After Heartbreak: Volume 1
Rachel K.
When I began my journey to Health, wellness and Abundance, I was leaving all the cards on the table. My mind, body, soul and social life suffered from damage internally and externally. The relationships that I had formed with the opposite sex in the past were so Toxic and unhealthy. The fact that I needed work when it came to relationships, spiritual reconnection, family and friends to me was detrimental. After reading this book "He's Lying Sis", I now "Knowing is Half the Battle", I understand...
He's Lying Sis - Paperback
Diana L.
First book I read " The man God has for you", the minute I started to read, absolutely was drawn to it! One of those books you want have every where with you 🥰 The other book "Love after heartbreak " Volume 1 , just started to read. I love it already, and the fact that you advice to have a journal beside you to write/ take a notes! I'm thinking to get all your books in time! Not just for me, but for my daughters! Also , when I read your books, it feels like you like you are in the same room, t...
Love After Heartbreak: Volume 1
Myra O.
Reading this book is helping me change my mindset. It encourages me so much that I'm excited in wanting to be healed completely from past relationships. It's a must read for me 😀
Love After Heartbreak: Volume 1
I totally love the books and your insight of what one should look for in another person. These beautiful books causes one to do a deep self introspection on where they are as an individual, which is extremally vital. Thank you for sharing this profound wisdom, I look forward to hearing more in the near future. Blessings. Livi
3 Books Bundle!
Alia-Alisha W.
Love After Heartbreak Vol. 1 is a great read. Not only is it a great read, it is a great tool to help you navigate through the process of healing through any relationship. When I read it, it opened my eyes to a different perspective and angle of healing. When you pair it with Healing Heartbreak Journal Companion Book and Daily Affirmations for Healing, you will be on your way to the healing you are looking for.
Healing Your Heart ❤️ Bundle
Deborah S C.
StephanSpeaks I’m still stuck on this one reading 📖 about Ruth In The Bible and The Love ❤️ Respect and Closeness she have for her Mother In Law listening to her and her wisdom obeying things that she instructed her to do what a Blessing That God Had In Stored For Her And The Man He Has Planned for her to be his wife and her his husband and to be the lineage of Christ Jesus if more of our young women and older ones will be still and wait for The Lord they would see how blessed 😇 happy 😃 joyful 😀...
God Where Is My Boaz? - Paperback
Brenda H.
I really and truly loved the dedication to all women that are interested in the Lord blessing them with their Boaz, that they've been waiting for; for a while, the dedication is what really caught my eye. 💞🙏
3 Books Bundle!
Vanessa H.
I first read “God where is my Boaz?” And enjoyed every page turning minute of it. I am currently reading “The Man God Has For You”. It’s helping me to gain a better clarity of not only the men I’ve come across, but myself as well, knowing I’m a young 33 year old woman, with small children, who needs to shown the correct way of loving and being loved.
SPECIAL OFFER: Love After Heartbreak - Ebook
Mary S.
I love all of your books. I start reading and can’t put them down and until I have finished. Then I read them again. So pleased with them. Thank you!
God Where Is My Boaz? - Paperback
Nicole H.
It felt like he was just speaking to me and I love it . After reading it I felt better and I knew what I had to an im doing it. Hearing the truth from a man point of view everything he put in that book was TRUE. Thank you so much you OPEN MY EYES
He's Lying Sis - Paperback
Lisa C.
In my experience Stephan My Good Girl Image did not know how to say no. She became damaged goods and consumed with Co-Dependent and People Pleasing Modalities. I have been hurt in numerous relationships(Daddy Issues.....). This is why the relationship with myself has to be of Great Healthy Qualities and not Toxicity or Sabotaging Patterns. In listening to your Coaching I have adapted the practice of looking in the mirror. I bought a Bigger one (LOL), so that my Confidence exudes Radiant Light w...
Why Men Overlook The Good Girls - Audio
Azzia H.
This book really taught me how to heal from a heart break. I didnt think i had it in me but i must say that i learned to acknowledge, forgive and let go. I feel so at peace with myself since i started my healing process. Thank u Stephen
Love After Heartbreak: Volume 1
Tabatha B.
I truly hate how I purchased the book again, to read myself, by mistake. This was brought to my attention after I found the first book purchased on my shelf already, as I placed the second book on it. Now, I really wish I've bought a different book. As you can see, I was repeatedly influenced online from what was already read. Now, I need another book suggestion to read. Thanks for the impact received though.
The Man God Has For You - Paperback
Clauphia A.
This book has helped me reveal things about me I was suppressing or didn't know about. I am well aware of everything and everyone I've been hurt by and I've faced every issue and it's a relief to stop ignoring what's hurting me thank you
Love After Heartbreak: Volume 1
Dena C.
These books have given me a little clearer view of how to search for my soul mate,understanding a man's qualities and full potential. Being a divorcee for over three years and rarely dating. I'm now learning to ask God for my desires and for sure will wait on His answer. No more wasting time with the wrong man! Thank you for showing me the right approach to finding happiness and peace.
Special Bundle #1
Karen A.
This has been a very enlightening experience. I am still in the process of doing the first exercise of who hurt me. The impact of change that is already taking place in my life is causing such a release in my spirit. I know that through this guidance and with the help of prayer healing is already began. I am excited about how God is working in using this book to help me heal and restore what once was a pure heart who loves and desires to love people. Getting a new me with new strength, passion a...
Love After Heartbreak: Volume 1
Connie O.
I’m a therapist and I’m using some of the skills taught in your book, with my patients. It’s fabulous! I love The Who hurt me list. It’s a very safe way of acknowledging past hurt, and easy way to share with a trained therapist who can help you process the hurt. It’s also great to be able to say to my patients “ I use this to confront my own past hurt”. I also use your saying “hurt people, hurt people”. That is such an easy statement for clients to grasp. And, me too. It makes forgiven...
10x Relationship Ebook Bundle
Bernie R.
The title caught my attention, however, I did not see that it was for brides-to-be and married ladies. Your book made me evaluate myself when I was married. I made quite a few mistakes in it. This book made me look at marriage as work, but GOOD PRODUCTIVE WORK with the man God has chosen for me. Your book fully explained exactly what feminine energy really is. I had always heard of it, but no one ever really explain what it was, now I know and will use it daily. Thank you for such a TERRIFIC BOO...
How To Get A Man To Cherish You...
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