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undefined review of ROYAL FLUSH. image 1 out of 1
Gary F.
I absolutely love my ring, the size and fit of it is perfect for my large hands. It is a real statement ring, i've been getting compliments on it already. I'm thinking of getting another one soon. Interestingly, and i am guilty of this too, we tend to think a ring should be made of some precious metal like gold or silver, titanium etc. Which i do own, but don't be put off by stainless steel, now i have my ring, it won't stop me going for it again. The customer service is great too, If you have...
undefined review of WOODEN CROSS. - NECKLACE image 1 out of 1
Andrew H.
I had seen this cross for a long time and I did not see anything that came close to it in design and quality. I ordered this and from me ordering this to delivery the communication was awesome and when it arrived I have been so impressed by the quality, that I have not taken it off since.
undefined review of INFINITY SNAKE. - NECKLACE image 1 out of 1
Florian V.
Ik vind deze kettingen mega goed en staat mooi bij me ben er enorm blij mee en wat er staat bij de verkoop online klopt ook top winkel top kettingen grote aanrader
undefined review of MONARCH. - 925 SILVER. image 1 out of 1
Collins K.
The ring is absolutely stunning and fits perfectly well on my ring finger. I appreciate the due diligence taken in processing my exchange and I will definitely be buying another statement price from them. It feels good to be an outlaw 😎💪🏾.
undefined review of F*ck. image 1 out of 1
Sandra M.
I really like my ring and fits in perfectly. I would recommend Outlaws Amsterdam and want to buy from this store again. Love the style of the rings and in the future 😎❤️
undefined review of SERPENT GOLD. image 1 out of 1
Victoria P.
Love the ring so much I bought it in silver and gold. I think it’s awesome that you can slightly adjust it because it’s not a fully closed ring. I now have this ring as a birthday present to my best friend - since she basically wished so - and had a cashier ask me where to get it 😅 so I think it’s fair to say the ring is highly liked be not only myself but people in my surroundings ❤️
undefined review of Compass of Life - Necklace image 1 out of 1
Michala K.
I was looking long time for this necklace since I had some intuition to just have! And I love it the way of packaging as well,it looks so professional... got already nice compliments on this necklace,so I'm happy that I found this brand!
Compass of Life - Necklace
undefined review of THE CAPTAIN. - BLACK image 1 out of 1
Ian D.
Love the look of this ring, “THE CAPTAIN “ Black is a definite must have in your collection, this one is a size 15 the largest in the collection and fits my finger perfectly.
undefined review of SEA CRUISER. image 1 out of 1
Robert S.
Easy to order , great ring love it . Time of order and transport was quick . But I have to say the carrier company that tried to deliver my ring needs more options to leave the product at a local shop or a special neighbour. They can take video or photos of proof of delivery.
undefined review of TRAVELER. image 1 out of 1
Alvaro T.
Great quality and great-looking ring, I ordered first and the size was not proper, but the exchange was pretty easy to do, and the second time, the fit was perfect.
undefined review of ONYX. - GOLD image 1 out of 1
Craig B.
I love my ring and it fits perfectly… it took a couple days more then expected, but I had a great experience with communication and updates. Worth the wait! Thank you Outlaws Of Amsterdam, I’ll definitely be buying again soon.
undefined review of Faith. image 1 out of 1
Linda N.
I am in love with this ring! It fits great! I was afraid it would be to big, since I've got really thin fingers, but the smallest size fits perfectly!! I am very, very happy with it!
undefined review of FREEDOM. - SILVER image 1 out of 1
Kylie H.
My most complimented ring! Honestly, I love it and it’s my new favorite ring too:) I never take my jewelry off in the shower and it still hasn’t tarnished and shows so sign it will in the future! I love the rings I ordered!
undefined review of SEA CRUISER. image 1 out of 1
Felicity P.
I am so happy with my purchase! The sizing guide is so good ring fits perfectly! 🙌 The detail and quality of it is amazing! It’s heavy duty could 100% punch someone in the face with it 😂 I’m totally in love with it and will be purchasing lots more 🙌😊can’t wait to have a hands full of rings!
undefined review of CLUBMEMBER. image 1 out of 1
Michael C.
Ring is great quality sizing is spot on and it's bigger than i thought in overall size which was a nice suprise. Hence i went and ordered another ring. Very pleased.
undefined review of SKULL BUTTERFLY. - NECKLACE image 1 out of 1
Larry W.
Very cool piece! I tend to wear quite a variety of different jewelry and this piece certainly is very complimentary to any of the other stuff I wear on a particular occasion. Both the necklace and pendant are well made and solid materials....will definitely be shopping here again.
undefined review of ARROW GOLDEN. - NECKLACE image 1 out of 1
Kris H.
The piece is bigger than I expected, which is no bad thing. Nice weight, perfectly made, really good size chain for a full grown male. I’ll be back for more.
undefined review of ST. MICHAELS. - GOLD image 1 out of 1
Willem M.
10/10 good weight, not light but not incredibly heavy either, very well balanced. Doesn’t leave green residue on my finger and have gotten lots of compliments for its stylish look. Would recommend.
undefined review of WINNER. image 1 out of 1
Mike C.
This 'Winner' ring pops, a real stand out piece. The detailing as always is fantastic. A big square ring that I love wearing. Love outlaws jewellery, have my eye on loads
undefined review of TREE OF LIFE. image 1 out of 1
Jack N.
Quality custom service! First ring I bought, I ordered the wrong size. Returned with no fuss and quickly replied to my emails. Love my ring and will be getting more!
undefined review of THE GUARDIAN. image 1 out of 1
Stephen C.
One of my first rings to buy from Outlaws and the ring is a masterpiece. Unfortunately I have very thin fingers so I have to admit it does look a little out of place on my scrawny fingers!! Love the quality and craftsmanship again, the detail is amazing.
undefined review of THE NAVIGATOR. image 1 out of 1
Michael C.
This the navigator ring is awesome. It's huge. It has a decent weight to it too. I love it. I wish i'd found this company a few years ago. I will most definitly be back for more.
undefined review of BLACK PEARL. image 1 out of 1
Steven D.
I loved every single ring that The Outlaw Amsterdam have in his store, and they fit well!!! And another thing that i appriciated is the delivery speed, 3-5 days from the order!!! Keep up guys, nice work. I will shop some other stuff!
undefined review of Farao. image 1 out of 1
Philippe B.
Order fast to be delivered. Since I am in the Caribbean island It will be nice of you to mentioned in some area an additional fee might be add Other than that everything went well And the rings are beautiful. One more thing, don’t mess up with your size order you won’t be able to change it with out returning your order So beware and check you final order Thanks to the team
undefined review of ROYAL FLUSH. image 1 out of 1
Mark G.
Original ring that was sent was the wrong one from the one i ordered. Labby from Outlaws Amsterdam was amazing. Sent me the correct ring out and was super helpful . So, my experience. The ring itself is beautiful. Fit is spot on and design is solid. But more importantly, their customer service is first rate! So first rate in fact that I purchased their wired bracelet. If their service was poor then I would never have done that. Fyi, the bracelet is spectacular too!
undefined review of EYE OF THE SKY. image 1 out of 1
Adam G.
Love the ring. Nice weight and finished to an excellent standard that far outshines it’s price point. Will definitely be buying more and have already been making recommendations to friends.
undefined review of ST. MICHAELS. - GOLD image 1 out of 1
Mike C.
very happy with this st michael ring fits perfectly, first ordered a size too small but after good communication with the moderator it was quickly resolved and I could receive the right size ,thanks much appreciated🤘
undefined review of THE SCORPION. - NECKLACE image 1 out of 1
James G.
This is the second chain and pendant I’ve bought from Outlaws. The scorpion is detailed and a suitable size, not too big and not too small. Recommended if you fancy something different than what most people wear.
undefined review of RIDE TILL DEATH. - SILVER image 1 out of 1
Mike C.
I love this skull ring, big, imposing, what I need for my fingers. I love the detail, his expression and the contrast between the black inlay and the silver. I own a bunch now and won't be stopping, I have my eye on so many
undefined review of SAINT MICHAEL. image 1 out of 1
Adrian M.
Very fast delivered and well packaged. The handcraft in this is amazing, very detailed. Good materials (steel only) and quality. In this case, the size 11 fits perfectly on the finger I measured. Once angain: Good job, Outlaws!
undefined review of TRAVELER. image 1 out of 2+1
James D.
Wow!!! What can I say! You folks delivered in a way like no other Jewelry Company. I initially received my ring on a Saturday and wore it to Church on Sunday. The Stone got Scratched while I was out. I chatted online with a rep and asked how to buff out the scratches. I was asked to send a photo of the scratches. I was told the scratches were definitely a defect. I was sent a brand new ring to replace the defective one and was told to keep the defective one. It arrived today. Now that is w...
undefined review of SKULL BUTTERFLY. - NECKLACE image 1 out of 1
Sarah W.
I bought this necklace for my husbands birthday. Arrived really quickly and nicely packaged in a velvet drawstring bag and a gift box. He absolutely loves it! Great quality. Will definitely be buying more!
undefined review of CLAW OF DRAGO. image 1 out of 1
David R.
Good quality product arrived quick and feel like it will last a very long time it has good wear and tear as a have worn it alot since recieving it great peice would higly recomend
undefined review of LUCKY LUC. - SILVER image 1 out of 1
Oliver M.
Absolutely beautiful ring, Outlaws always delivers! Love how the shape of the ring makes it stands out and makes it unique. Favourite one, and is now a daily wear, very luck to have it!
undefined review of Gambler. image 1 out of 1
Desiree C.
The ring is amazing bigger then expected but definitely not in a bad way and great quality it is a bit heavier then normal rings but once you get used to it you dont even notice it anymore
undefined review of RIDE TILL DEATH. - SILVER image 1 out of 1
Sweder M.
Ring is in excellent condition, delivery was top notch and quite fast. I'm just missing the ring sizer that normally comes with it. Other than that. No issues and very comfortable.
undefined review of ON THE ROAD. image 1 out of 1
Jeanne H.
I’ve got tiny hands. Didn’t think I’d ever find one that fits and it’s brilliant. I work in the building industry and thought it would get damaged but I manage to wear it all day everyday. Great find, great quality I’ll definitely be back.
undefined review of ROYAL FLUSH. image 1 out of 1
Emma J.
Royal Flush Ring is a really special piece, very well made and comfortable to wear with smooth bevelled edges & great shading on the shoulders .The playing cards design feature is a winner, subtle but sends a strong message of the wearer’s status.
undefined review of THE CAPTAIN. - SILVER image 1 out of 1
Roxane G.
I ordered The Captain ring for my boyfriend’s birthday and ended up returning it, as it was too heavy. Instead we decided to go for The Anchor and when we ordered a size too big, a new one in the right size was sent to us free of charge. Great overall experience. The ring looks amazing, the quality is great and my boyfriend wears it every day! I will definitely be recommended Outlaws Amsterdam to friends and family!
undefined review of SEA CRUISER. image 1 out of 1
Steve V.
I ordered this beautiful Sea Cruiser ring in size 7, but received it in size 9. After some communication I received the right size 7 and got to keep the other one. Very nice!
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