Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil Reviews

Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Morgan S.
Despite the overwhelming positive reviews regarding this product, I was initially skeptical... but the claims are true. It may be small in size, but you only use a little bit (about the same amount you would use for a face serum), and it manages to cover all of my scalp once I massage it in... This little product works! I definitely will continue to buy this product as a repeat customer
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Dumebi A.
This product is simply amazing ! I have alopecia and I have struggled for years trying to find the right products to aid in hair growth and FINALLY after seeing a Facebook ad and clicking through it, I decided to try it and I'm so thankful that I did. Please try this product if you struggle with alopecia or dry scalp or even unhealthy hair. My 4c hair has come so far in such a short time with this oil.
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Betty M.
So I usually never write reviews but I feel like I should with this product. I am a skeptic when it comes to products like these because usually it never works but this product works wonders!! I have only been using it for a little over a month and i have noticed that my hair has grown drastically and thats what I was aiming for by purchasing this product. I use it 3 times a week, I wash my hair every three days in the mornings. I would definitely recommend this growth serum to anyone who is loo...
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
When my child father passed away i never expected my hair to fall out but as you can see in the first picture it did i seen this and said i will try it as you can see in the second and third picture it has grown and am sooooooooo happy
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Athara Q.
I adore this stuff I've bought it 3 times and been using it for 4 months... my hair loves it. It softens my hair and has made it so thick.
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Alaina R.
Many people think of a thick gel when they think “serum” but this was light and not sticky or greasy at all. I have fine hair and it didn’t weight it down or make it look oily. I still prefer to use it at night so I can really rub it into my scalp. I’ve been using it for over a month and am pleased. I will update my review as more time passes.
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Elizabeth B.
Little bit over a month and my hair grew as you can see in the picture! I am very pleased with this product because i felt like my hair would just stop growing at a certain length but when I took these I saw definit growth. I recommend this product 👍
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Tania T.
This seems to be working well on growth. I used to use Gro-Aut oil but my hair plateaued at shoulder length. Couldn't see significant growth once I got to shoulder length. Liquid Gold worked good too but they changed the formulation and it smells too much like sulfur now. It also just sits on the scalp now and doesn't sink into skin. Have been using this product for three weeks now and I do have noticeable growth. The top is growing like wildflower but the back is slow to grow. Maybe my back jus...
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Alexis J.
Lol not the best pic to show my little growth but this is the result in less than one months.
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Pamela J.
Love this product already... it definitely works i seen a itch grow within 1.5 months... very satisfied with this product will be purchasing more;)
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Isamar C.
I honestly think this product work wonders. My hair has definitely grown and the areas that we’re loosing hair look thicker now. I’m happy with the results.
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Danielle M.
I was suffering from postpartum hair loss after the birth of my little girl. I could no longer wear my hair in a ponytail without a headband because I was too embarrassed of my hairline, which was difficult as I’m a personal trainer. After only like 15 days of using this product, these were the results! I’m amazed. My husband will be using it after I get a good 2 months in and he can’t wait!
Claire V.
The combination of the perfect ingredients makes this a great tonic for your scalp and hair. I’ve been using this oil for three months now and not only is my hair fuller, thicker, healthier, and less brittle, it’s growing really fast. If you’re looking for healthier hair that looks great, you need this hair growth oil my friend.
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Cherry B.
OK Five Months done. From Jaw line to mid shoulder blade. I love this oil.
Brittney G.
it's not bad like i thought it would be. It's deff making my hair thicker and if not it's sure keep it from being dry, tangled and dull looking. Will keep using and probably buy again once I run out.
Original Ameize Hair Growth Oil
Jennifer S.
This really does work my hair has grown atleast 3 inches over 2 months and so much thicker.
Vanessa G.
I’ve been using the oil since every other day since 4/8 and hadn’t noticed any growth yet. Maybe two weeks isn’t enough time. I will update if I notice any changes.
Niru B.
I think it's a great product, it made my hair a lot thicker and repaired it really well but I wouldn't say it made my hair grow exponentially but I did see a little bit of a difference.
Ann C.
Nice product for your hair and all but it kinda got over the packaging and made a mess when I opened it... the delivery guy where i live is literally the worst :(
Yvette R.
very effective. I honestly saw slight result after one week use of the product. i simply followed the instructions. I am using for one month now
Amy W.
Product great but could do with clearer instructions as a first time user could do with more information but a part from that it’s great.
Madeline D.
I started losing a lot of hair and this seems to really make my hair thicker and add more volume and I can see some new growth.
Teresa S.
The results remain to be proven. I forsure will review at another date & I've only used this product for 19 days,
Valerie M.
My hair seems like it's getting thicker and longer a little breezy but it works.
Shirley J.
Strictly ok. Smells good but didn’t see much of an improvement in my dry hair.
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