Juz Amma Journal Reviews

Juz Amma Journal
Nawal M.
Very beneficial. The Juzz ammah journal is part of our homeschooling the girls never leave it since the day they've received it is the first book they pickup in the morning. Is a good start for my 5 year old . My older daughter is using it to understand the meaning of the Surahs she already finished . An amazing journal and I would advice all mums teaching their kids quran to have it. JazakumAllahu khair
Juz Amma Journal
Maria B.
I just looove this Journal. It's perfect not only for kids, but also for adults. Got one for me and my daughter and we love it. It's very well structured, big font and very colourful. Already bought 3. Will be buying more for friends and family. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Juz Amma Journal
Anjum V.
This is a wonderful and interactive resource and I’m super grateful for Quranmoonlamp being a stockist and making it accessible for us all. Inshaa’Allah this will be a great resource for the young and the old
Juz Amma Journal
Bilkys A.
I would recommend that every one buys this juz amma journal. It is a very efficient learning tool suitable for children and adults. May Allah reward all those that were involved in the publication and creation of this journal. Ameen
Juz Amma Journal
Anosh S.
My 6 yrs old loves doing her reciting and memorization from this Juzz Alhumdulillah ✨✨✨✨✨
Farzana R.
Mashallah Juz 30 is so well illustrated an it's for the young an the elders .....
Salma R.
I bought it for my grandson... but i love it too
Maseera T.
Beautifully designed Journal. Would love to have similar for other Juzz as well. JazakAllah Khairan!
Hafsa F.
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