Little Lady GaBBY Bows (30) Bundle

Little Lady GaBBY Bows (30) Bundle Reviews

Little Lady GaBBY Bows (30) Bundle
Stacye H.
I love all the barrettes so far. The small ones and now that I have purchased the ones for bigger braids I love these even more since my oldest has thick hair. The quality is great and I will continue to buy more.
Little Lady GaBBY Bows (30) Bundle
Lydia V.
My 3 year old is in live with these and she keeps telling everyone about her new Barrettes. She can sleep in them with zero issues and they stay on and look cute. A Godsend for weighing down her twists because I was STRUGGLING with the beads lol. Thank you again for such an amazing product and top tier packaging and customer service.
Little Lady GaBBY Bows (15) Bundle
Chelcey M.
These are AMAZING barrettes!!! And the fact that they don’t come off AND I call my baby Ladybug and these are Ladybugs💕I immediately fell in love!! As soon as you get more colors, I will be back to purchase!!
Little Lady GaBBY Bows (30) Bundle
Angela J.
They Don't Fall Out! I been waiting to order these since my daughter's was a new born. My aunt gave us the money to order them for her birthday. Thank You so much Gabby for creating these! Amazing product!
Little Lady GaBBY Bows (30) Bundle
Sasha H.
Our baby girl Ja’Zhia she loves her new bows. A 1st birthday 🎂 gift from her grandma. Thank you guys I recommend to all parents for their beautiful baby girls 🥰
Little Lady GaBBY Bows (15) Bundle
Shantai S.
My little one LOVES her Gabby Bows. She couldn't wait to open the package and put them in her hair. I think we will need to buy more!!
Courtney G.
These bows are the only ones my daughter keeps in her hair. I can now have my baby girl looking like a baby since she can't these bows out of her hair.
Hanna H.
Love these! My daughter is mixed and her hair is more straight(2a/b) and thin. No other clips stay in her hair except these. The clips are light, comfortable and easily secured when putting them on. Plus she loves lady bugs so that is a plus.
Little Lady GaBBY Bows (30) Bundle
Lisa C.
We love our new barrettes! Holds the hair and looks beautiful
Little Lady GaBBY Bows (30) Bundle
Brooke R.
We love Gabby Bows!
Little Lady GaBBY Bows (15) Bundle
Karina P.
She absolutely loves the bows! Perfect for thick hair.
Little Lady GaBBY Bows (30) Bundle
Giselle O.
She got used to it the minute I did her hair
Little Lady GaBBY Bows (15) Bundle
Mardez W.
I love these barrettes! They are so cute! We get so many compliments! We haven’t lost one!
Tiffany D.
I love the bows! My 2 years old daughter had them on for 3 days and didn’t loose any!!! I will definitely purchase more!
Yashica F.
I really love these barrettes and I was really impressed with the hand written thank you card from Gabrielle I love this company and will be ordering again.
Fern A.
We love these barrettes and loved receiving the handwritten note from Gabby. We will definitely be back for more wonderful products.
Camille J.
Love love it!!! Definitely a great value for the money!!!!
Aderonke S.
love it! and love not having to worry about it falling off.
Natasha A.
Great addition to my daughter’s hair accessory collection. Easy to use and she loves her hair berets.
Susan S.
Great Value!
Lanatra G.
Absolutely love the barrettes
Donna M.
Love the bows!!! Simple to use and stay on forever.
Carolyn S.
It’s a birthday present and i love them
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