Joanna L. review of Tūī image 1 out of 1
Joanna L.Verified
This Tui was given to my Dad for his birthday and he put it on this manuka tree with the nice views of the valley
Lindsay K. review of Tūī image 1 out of 1
Lindsay K.Verified
Ocean Tui A centre piece on our deck in Mellons Bay, Auckland
Mp S. review of Tūī image 1 out of 1
Mp S.Verified
Fantastic gift. My wife loved the Tui I gave her for Christmas. Pride of place in our front yard.
Yvonne S. review of Tūī image 1 out of 1
Yvonne S.Verified
Ruru and his shadow Hawkes Bay NZ
Raywin W. review of Tūī image 1 out of 1
Raywin W.Verified
Special 40th wedding Anniversary present. My husband was delighted with a gift that he can see every day he is sitting in the spa. Tui is very happy in his new surrounds. Each sky colour/ cloud Tui can look different. I recommend a gift like Tui to a person who has everything,
Murray B. review of Tūī image 1 out of 1
Murray B.Verified
Excellent I gave this to my wife as part of her Christmas present. She was delighted with it. Attached is a photo of it installed. Will be buying more for presents in the future
Cheri W. review of Tūī image 1 out of 1
Cheri W.Verified
Friends in the garden Like the piwakawaka our Tui catches the eye when ascending our pathway towards the house, our metal birds add to the aesthetics of the garden.
Michelle C. review of Tūī image 1 out of 1
Michelle C.Verified
Loving my Tui Metalbird, absolutely loving my Tui it looks great. Ordering was easy delivery was so fast, very impressed :+1:
Rose M.Verified
I have bought this one for a gift to take to USA I have bought a few for gifts I love them
Lynne L.
I bought this Tūi as a gift for my hubby, he loves it. It's attached to the top of a 6x4 wooden post that is the upright of our clothesline.
Val G.Verified
Xmas gift bought for a friend living in Vancouver who I will catch up with in Feb. I know she'll love it. Hope kiwis are sharing the Metalbird experience to friends & family both in NZ and overseas.
Linda B.Verified
Very happy with our purchase 😀
Lindy E.Verified
I have wanted a metalbird for a while, and taken the opportunity to get the Tui as a gift for friends in England. Looking forward to taking it to them and installing in their garden, as a reminder of us in New Zealand. Beautifully presented in a small box complete with a card.
Allison J.Verified
Tui Time I love it..... I'm taking it to Canada soon, so I'll let you know the reaction when I return :wink:
Pauline C.Verified
Tui He's lovely. He is going to the UK. Thank you.
Adele P.Verified
Love it. Brought it for my sister. I have the Kereu and Fantail :heart:️
Kimberley H.Verified
Tui and email Kia Ora, Tui is beautiful - love your mahi, Had also emailed you about whether you could sponsor a local Hauora day with a metalbird as a prize and had not heard anything back at all though ;)
Vince T.Verified
Tui magic This bird is going to scotland! We already have a king fisher which our Scottish friends admired on there last trip in nz. They will love the tui, inside or outside
Brigitte B.Verified
A bit of NZ in Switzerland Relatives from Switzerland visiting Mapua were fascinated by the Tui in our garden. So I gifted them your Tui metal bird and they are delighted. The Tui will collect much admiration in Rapperswil, I am sure. Thank you for your wonderful product.
Michelle J.Verified
Fast delivery. Brought it as a gift for my dad and he loved it.