Vivienne Ferris F. review of Hanging Feeder image 1 out of 1
Vivienne Ferris F.Verified
The birds love the feeder
Helen A.Verified
Beautiful gift great for friends and family oversea a little bit of NZ
Christine S.Verified
Looks pretty among the shrubs. Easy and cheap to feed the birds as you can spear almost any food that is starting to spoil.
Joanne S.Verified
Hanging Feeder Looks great - another excellent product to support bringing the birds back.
Diana H.Verified
Hanging feeder I love the hanging feeder. The birds in my garden love the colour of the fruit, which is easy to see when pinned to the hanging feeder
Melody C.Verified
Stunning Given this as a Christmas present to my mum and nearly everyday I get a picture of the birds outside mum’s bedroom.
Natasha S.Verified
Hanging feeder Bought this as a Xmas gift for my parents and had it delivered straight to them. Easy to order and fast delivery. They've got it up in a tree and are loving watching the birds come in.
Tracey C.Verified
Xmas present love them
J. S.Verified
Brilliant. Hung it when I received it, but the birds are yet to recognise it. Looks good hanging in my plum tree.
Vicki A.Verified
The birds love it - a great design and holds the fruit well.
Suzanne S.Verified
Hanging Feeder - just the thing! We were wanting a feeder for fruit when I came across the Metalbird Hanging Feeder. It arrived smartly and has been a definite hit with our garden silvereyes in particular. The three spike help ensure the fruit is secure and the cross bar makes for a handy perch. A welcome addition to our garden feeding station!
Winn G.Verified
Bird Feeder Hi Guys,, have just hung my bird feeder, have put apple and bread on it,,but,, there are no takers! Usually i throw food on the ground each morning, well guess what,, there will be no food on the ground until they use the Bird Feeder,, which looks great in my yard,, great service,,
Charlotte H.Verified
Hanging Feeder Bought as a gift so yet to see this in action but I’m sure it will be loved
Anne C.Verified
Happy birds I bought the 2 hanging feeders for gifts My wax eyes love the Tui, RuRu and other feeders. Apples,Kiwi Fruit,Pears favourites
Alan C.Verified
Great...just a great product :grinning::owl::duck::eagle::u1F99C:
N B.Verified
Feeder Not want I actually wanted for the tui"s necture
Jasmne P.Verified
Excellent service, loved by the 2 year old in the family
Ron H.Verified
Metal Bird purchase Good price and quality, The Tui Twosome did nod have a point to hid with a hammer but perfect apart from that
Nerilee K.Verified
Rusty Feeder Am glad i didn't pay full price for this, would have been very disappointed. For some reason the birds aren't loving it either. Do all your products rust?
Michelle D.Verified
Birds are keen Firstly very easy to assemble and hang. It was given as a Christmas present so I was happy they were able to put it up straight away.