Lauren W.
got this for my boyfriend and he loves it!!! super pretty and a great size.
Rob S.
I just love this mat. Love it love it love it. HATS OFF TO THE ARTIST. MUCH RESPECT. nice artwork for sure. This is the 4th item to buy. Buy rig Buy banger/ cap Buy isostation Buy dab mat Done
Alexandria T.
The dab mat is a must-have if you’re clumsy like me and knock shit over all the time. The starry night is so fucking sick and the mat is bigger than what I thought! Exceeded my expectations but I’m never surprised by the quality MJ Arsenal gear ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Jason G.
Honestly ordered it as soon as I could and am very impressed with the design and everything! You guys should make a larger version I would definitely buy it!
Paul J.
This mat is huge!! I thought it was going to be like most size dab mats but its a lot thicker and wider then any mat i got. This bad boy has room for multiple rigs, love it. The design is so fly had to get.