First off I bought the mystery box for 50 and got the Claude so happy with it should definitely not second guess buying it . Question does it fit the Claude 10mm connection it says on the mjxgpen Ursa it has 10mm connection does it come with this?
Michael G.
This is the kind of device that will help you binge watch quality television and movies with your bestest pal. Grab your MJR snow Ursa or whatever you've got and your best friend because this is going to be a major smoke session like you've never experienced. Always the perfect temperature and if you have a an MJ arsenal rig then this is going to be absolute fire! So glad I found this combo.
I just happened upon a review on YouTube of the G pen connect. I already had a mini dab rig from MJ so I had to buy the G pen and it is the easiest and most convenient way to do dabs. Easy to clean also. The tank can sometimes be fickle and the battery won't turn on when pressed. But if you just lossen and tighten the tank again it'll fix it. But seriously if you don't want to be bothered with a torch and want something that heats up quick this is the way to go. Plus it comes with a travel case ...