Well packed and shipping fast. So far so good, we now see if results. Later leave additional feedback.
Three weeks to astana. Until i tried
Thank you very much. Cool thing.
Product ok. Only minus is a long lead time for shipment.
Came well packed, we will see if it works
Arrived in 9 days now missing to see the result
Good. It’s very big, let’s see if it works
Fast delivery have to use it so see if This Works..
Looks good!
It's like in the picture.
Got quickly very well this. The result which will be later written
Stacie S.
Awesome body wrap. I won't post pictures of the product as the ones from the manufacture show everything. But I will post a before and after using the 5 wraps. I can definitely tell a big difference. I don't believe that this is all just water weight either. I say that because these were so comfortable To wear and it didn't make me hot or sweaty. Now there was some heat the first couple hours of wearing it but not heat from the material not breathing it felt like heat from the active ingredien...
Used it for the first time today after measuring my waist, which was 35 inches. Wore it with my waist trainer while at work. Felt a heating sensation maybe 2hrs after the application. Though it says wear for 8 hrs, I wore it for 12. It was so comfortable that I forgot I had it on. No allergic reactions. Measured my self again after removing it and I lost 1 inch, down to 34 inches. Impressive!!☺️
Pam J.
I had gotten the belly patch it work right a way. I wore mine at night and during the day also. I did't think it would work at first. But i notice the next day it was really working. I would recommend this to every person who wants to try it. The only thing when it comes its all in Chinese so u have to read the instruction where u are order it from in english so u know what to do and how to use it.
Kelly S.
I've been feeling a heating in 1-2 hours after the application. Wore it for 8 hours for about a week. I haven't had any allergic reaction and lost about 1 inch after the applications!
Carla P.
Thank Your for your amazing product. I have been using it for almost two weeks. I don't know how it works, but I know that I have lost a few pounds!!!!