Christo Your Dad review of Review
Christo Your Dad
Overall it was easy to install and looks great.
Jomo King review of Review
Jomo King
I love it and my dj friends do too. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars. The quality of this skin is sweet. No one believes I did it myself.
Wolfgang Wittke review of Review
Wolfgang Wittke
Looks good. Thanks again.
Daniel DJ DOW review of Review
Daniel DJ DOW
Perfectly implemented design Great fit Super nice, fast and very competent service 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Benjamin Kremer review of Review
Benjamin Kremer
Awesome quality ... Thanks! I am already looking forward to when I send you my custom skin and then hit it here someday ... really ... big compliment to your business ... top support, top delivery time and top quality.
Salvatore Ferro review of Review
Salvatore Ferro
Satisfaction is harmless EXPRESSED! 😁 I am very excited about the quality in the skin! 😮 Those who now think paid review... 🤦🏻 Nope is not like that! I bought the skin❗❗❗🤓 To all who are skeptical: 1. Your controller is well protected (perfect conditions for reselling)! 😏 2. The attachment of the skin is very easy! 🧒 3. The feeling while mixing / hanging up / etc. is just great! 🤤 4. Eyecatcher GUARANTEED! 😎
Oliver Fronk review of Review
Oliver Fronk
Very satisfied
Vincent Kübler review of Review
Vincent Kübler
Has become really nice :)
Christian Graßhoff review of Review
Christian Graßhoff
I am very satisfied with the quality of the Skin. The attachment works easier than expected. Top product.
Celia Baron review of Review
Celia Baron
Thank you for the beautiful skin! Looks great! It was really easy to install. Exactly as described. Too bad I only have one controller :-)
Bernd Günther review of Review
Bernd Günther
I can highly recommend
Heinz Koball review of Review
Heinz Koball
Top job guys really great !!
Marc Drews review of Review
Marc Drews
It is very easy to install. Super exact fit, top quality, personalizable in the design, and also a perfect protection for maintaining the value of the equipment. Would do it again anytime.
Tobias Pfeifenbring review of Review
Tobias Pfeifenbring
Just sick
Hendrik Seeger review of Review
Hendrik Seeger
From the material and the accuracy of the cutouts a good thing. Thanks and keep it up!
Jan Roettig review of Review
Jan Roettig
So first of all a big praise to you! Nice service and great quality! You immediately notice the difference between a "normal" sticker and the material you use! This super-thin vinyl can be processed perfect, no problems when removing and applying, no blistering! Everything is nice! I'm curious how the guests react to it when I lay on the Friday so in the club ... Will definitely recommend you :)
Lars Peglow review of Review
Lars Peglow
Oh yes! Thank you for this awsome skin. I really love it. And... there are no issues with the sensivity of the jogwheels 👍
Torsten Hindenburg review of Review
Torsten Hindenburg
I already have the 3rd vinyl of DJ skins on my controllers! The material and the workmanship is top! Special requests are also considered. Keep up the good work guys!
Michael Grulich review of Review
Michael Grulich
I even ordered two. Fits exactly and easy to install. If you want to take the film off again someday, you can ect. then sell again as "new"
Henk Mill review of Review
Henk Mill
Very satisfied
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