Petar M. review of Dachshund Dog
Petar M.
IT is not simple, i'll tell you that (: Olga for comparison heheh
Dachshund Dog
Thomas M. review of Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog
Thomas M.
I really enjoyed building this. It came fast and was not very difficult to build.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog
Mimmy K. review of Mini Cake Shop - Amusement Park
Mimmy K.
Really fun stuff. I thought it would just be a mini building/shop, but my kid found out that it can actually open up to reveal an actual mini store. We really love it.
Mini Cake Shop - Amusement Park
Jerry L. review of Calico Cat
Jerry L.
My kids definitely love this cat. Sorry my picture doesn't do it justice. But in person this cat looooooooks super fine and detailed.
Calico Cat
Manny L. review of Grey Fluffy Kitten
Manny L.
Definitely brings a lot of smiles and laughter when building. My kids and are having so much with this.
Grey Fluffy Kitten
Diana K. review of Tabby Cat
Diana K.
This Cat blocks is amazing. It's very detailed, the colours are nice, the material is clean and of good quality. My daughters and I are having fun building this.
Tabby Cat
Yaniv A. review of Dachshund Dog
Yaniv A.
The product arrived really fast and was very fun to build.
Dachshund Dog
Yaniv A. review of Friendly Bear
Yaniv A.
The product arrived really fast and was very fun to build.
Friendly Bear
Howard Y. review of WZ-10 Attack Helicopter
Howard Y.
Here's the before pictures. As you see, the bricks are organized into different containers. and the instructions are clear and with photo instructions. It's really a great buy.
WZ-10 Attack Helicopter
Kenny L. review of Fun Lollipop Truck
Kenny L.
It's so cute! There are more functional parts that I actually thought, it's not just the wheels but the other parts as well! I love it, my kids love it, planning to buy the whole collection of these food trucks. Trust me, my picture doesn't give it justice.
Fun Lollipop Truck
Matt Y. review of Dirt Road Buggy
Matt Y.
Here's my completed set. Did a little mini photoshoot for my kid to brag to his friends about this buggy blocks. He loves it so much especially when he discovered that the wheels are actually functioning. Awesome.
Dirt Road Buggy
Joe R. review of Spooky Vampire Set
Joe R.
I was expecting something maybe a lower quality, but when it arrived, I was so surprised with the really high quality. Amazing. I think I got more than what I paid for. Very satisfied with the product.
Spooky Vampire Set
Ray L. review of Spooky Vampire Set
Ray L.
Soooooo cute and yes, spooky. I already have a lot if displays in mind. I really love it.
Spooky Vampire Set
Helen D. review of Funny Skeleton Men
Helen D.
I was doing an early Halloween shopping for my kids. And I found your site! I must say it caught my eye immediately. I love everything it comes with!
Funny Skeleton Men
Craig F. review of Funny Skeleton Men
Craig F.
Here's a preview of the funny one. I love how they fit in with any background I put them up against. The material feels really solid. I love it.
Funny Skeleton Men
Edgar  H. review of DIY Creative Blocks
Edgar H.
I got the Pro variant, and it's absolutely worth the money. My 3 girls are having so much fun. And I'm not even worried of anything toxic material etc., it doesn't smell toxic or plastic at all.
DIY Creative Blocks
Mike P. review of DIY Creative Blocks
Mike P.
It's amazing how clean the pieces are, I mean there are no extra plastic material hanging in each piece. The double side base place is very sturdy. I really like it.
DIY Creative Blocks
Kate H. review of DIY Creative Blocks
Kate H.
Looks like my kids are gonna busy and gonna have loads of fun. I love the freebies and accessories.
DIY Creative Blocks
Miller T. review of DIY Creative Blocks
Miller T.
I got mine! Amazing. The instructions are very clear. All the pieces are molded nicely, no sharp edges whatsoever. I am excited for my 2 kids. Thank you Block Center for the awesome customer services.
DIY Creative Blocks
Hans R. review of Optimus Prime
Hans R.
Just what i was looking for ! Thank you block-center for great communication and fast delivery !
Optimus Prime
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