Matt   review of Sniffler Mat™
My two boys just got neutered and I was looking for a few ways to help keep them entertained while being confined to one room during recovery. These things work really great for getting their minds stimulated and keeping them entertained!
Simone   review of Sniffler Mat™
I have a 50lb hound and she loves this to sniff out her kibble! So funny to watch and great entertainment for her. It’s abt 30 minutes of entertainment til all of the treats are gone 😂😂She doesn’t tend to tear up toys, so I’m sure this will last for us. Update 4 months later: still use this daily and yes the product is standing strong! I bought another one so my two dogs can each snuffle their grub. Washes well. If I could give this 10 stars I would!
Laura   review of Sniffler Mat™
Our Golden Retriever puppy wags his entire butt every time we break this snuffle pad out!
Dori   review of Sniffler Mat™
So far my only complaint is that the fake grass kinda sticks together so hiding treats are super difficult because they all just wanna lean one direction?? I assume the longer it sits out and is ised the less stuck it'll become. Anyways my doxi loves it even if it is a bit too easy for him. I started off at the difficulty set in my photo so maybe I'll make it even smaller- for now he keeps returning to it even tho he got all the treats loll
Glenna   review of Sniffler Mat™
Love it! I bought it to slow down my food guzzling dog and its working great.
Cecil   review of Sniffler Mat™
my doggie loved it she keeps going back to see if it’s filled with treats again.
Shala   review of Sniffler Mat™
My dog enjoyed it! She’s a gentle lab that doesn’t chew things. I’m not sure how this would stand up to one that does chew items. She gets excited when I bring it out. Perfect for her.
Jerica   review of Sniffler Mat™
9 week old Great Pry LOVED this upon first use! Hoping it keeps her busy when she gets bored and rambunctious!
Marine   review of Sniffler Mat™
My pup loves it. It’s not that hard to find the kibble, but he enjoys snuffling for it.
Petronila   review of Sniffler Mat™
Kept my two busy during heart worm treatment and cage rest. Very durable. I have two 65lb dogs!
Lovie   review of Sniffler Mat™
4 stars only because the pads on the bottom don’t actually keep it in place - at least not on tile. Dog loves it otherwise.
Elfriede   review of Sniffler Mat™
My dog likes it. Kept her busy for awhile. I didn’t know how big it was going to be so I got some small bit sized treats to hide.
Christie   review of Sniffler Mat™
It’s flattened out at first so a little hard to distribute the food throughout but my dog immediately started to sniff through it and seems pretty preoccupied!
Adam   review of Sniffler Mat™
Great product. Dogs love them. No negative comment at all. Fun, easy to clean, well made.
Belle   review of Sniffler Mat™
Super cute and helpful with an over active dog. Needed something that would keep them both busy.
Hallie   review of Sniffler Mat™
Wasn't sure how my little piggie would go with it, but is so far loving it for sniffing around and apparantly sleeping in it too lol
Demarcus   review of Sniffler Mat™
My big dog and small dog both love this. Encourages their foraging nature and keeps their mind busy.
September   review of Sniffler Mat™
it’s perfect for my schnauzer though since they love to sniff and dig.
Tamatha   review of Sniffler Mat™
So far our pug seems to really enjoy foraging for treats..keeps her busy
Delaine   review of Sniffler Mat™
Saw this on Tik Tok and bought. The dog loves this and fun to watch him sniff around.