Deb review of Toothy™
Harry loves his toothy ball It is the only toy he hasn’t destroyed and he gets a bonus snack when he plays Thank you
Ashweetha review of Toothy™
Kyro is OBSESSED with his toothy! He’s currently teething and this works wonders to keep a nippy/gnawing puppy busy for a very long time (paired with delicious treats) - This is a MUST HAVE!
Yersika review of Toothy™
Pinto, My Dalmatian absolutely loves his new toothy .When we leave alone to go to the gym ,we put yummy treats on his toothy .He stays calm and doesn't get anxious like he used to. Toothy's are puppy friendly ,soft and I love that its made out of rubber so bounces. We will definitely buy the bigger one when he grows.
Lorraine review of Toothy™
My Snowflake absolutely loves this!! It keeps her entertained for ages and it's the first chew toy she hasn't ripped apart in the first week. Thank you!
Maz review of Toothy™
My girl Maddie loves it ...she gets it when we get home & puts it in front of us to fill!
Sharon review of Toothy™
Alfie loved it, it kept him occupied for ages, a great boredom buster.
Brenda review of Toothy™
As Flossy is small the openings make it easy for her to pick up.
Samantha review of Toothy™
Lily absolutely loves her toothy! Cleans her teeth and whilst enjoying some peanut butter! Would recommend for any dog any size! Keeps her entertained for ages!!
Rowena review of Toothy™
Excellent service. Australia Post lost my order and when I informed Furry Mates they immediately sent me another Toothy Ball which arrived within a few days at no charge. Would highly recommend this company.
Kay-maree review of Toothy™
Our Schnauzer Jax just loves his new toy! He loves getting his kibbles out and chasing it when thrown and he can’t destroy it like he has with other balls. I totally recommend this ball for any dog. Even the cat likes playing with it! 🐾🐾
Gus review of Toothy™
Gus loves the ball. He’s done his knee in and is having surgery soon so this ball and a smear of peanut butter entertains him for ages. Thank you.
Helen review of Toothy™
Ruby loves her new ball. And she hasn't been able to demolish it yet!
Viv review of Toothy™
Our Staffy pup loves it. It's easy for him to grab and strong enough for him not to be able to chew up! He gets extra long enjoyment from it when we hide treats in the teeth.
Lynda review of Toothy™
Great quality and a fun toy
Trisha review of Toothy™
Thank you ! My new furbaby is a 5 year old rescue. She wouldnt eat when she first arrived until i put her bickies in this ball. She loves it!
Kayla review of Toothy™
Our little pup absolutely loves his new toy, thankyou so much!
Lachy review of Toothy™
Our boy Ned loves his toy once it's filled with his treats. It's actually really good for playing fetch as it bounces pretty well to!
Yanira review of Toothy™
I love it, but my dog likes it better! It's very entertaining for them. Highly recommended.
Catina review of Toothy™
Both of my Lappies love their ball! Even without treats, it’s a favourite, but with kibble inside, it’s kept my 6 month old puppy amused for ages. She’s in the teething / chewing everything stage so it’s perfect for her. Thanks guys! ❤️
Shirely review of Toothy™
The first toy my naughty puppy hasn't been able to destroy!