Santy B. review of Ceramic Coating Spray
Santy B.
I've bought a lot of ceramic coating (Car Guys, Chemical Guys, Meguiars and Turtle wax) and Suma is the best for keeping the car shiny in this heavy pollen and rain season. Pictured is 3 days after rain and both cars still look great. Any product will make the car look shiny and new right after applying the coating but Suma has my cars look great days later.
R. M. review of Ceramic Coating Spray
R. M.
The Suma ceramic spray is by far the best one I’ve used to date. I was a die hard fan of the Carpro Reload spray but this one out performs it. The spray forms a smooth layer with an amazing luster. I’ve also noticed that it helps repel dust. Washing my Supra is much easier now, dirt and grime just fall off with minimal effort.
Caleb S. review of Ceramic Coating Spray
Caleb S.
Works great on my mirrors and carbon fiber bits. Dust and dirt come clean off with just a spray of water. Definitely made cleaning my car more convenient!
Abdul A. review of Ceramic Coating Spray
Abdul A.
My car is like a mirror after applying Suma ceramic spray. 100% would recommend using this product. Don’t play yourself and miss out on this great product.
Cody B. review of Ceramic Coating Spray
Cody B.
Couldn’t be happier with this product! Used it on the car a day before leaving for a car show 8 hours away and made the car 10x easier to clean once I made it to the show. Been on the car for over a month now and still repelling water and dirt.