Very high quality lenses. Comfortable and easy to apply. My eyes are naturally very dark brown. These grey contacts look white in the contact case, but when I put them in my eye they almost look light blue. In love with them. I get compliments every time I wear them. Great customer service as well.
Chinita D.
IN LUUUUVVVVV! They’re so beautiful and I received so many compliments. They fit perfectly and very comfortable. Highly recommended
This is my first time wearing color contacts and honestly it feels great! My eyes never get dry and it fits perfectly as well. I also love how natural they are that some people are convinced they are my real eye color. I will definitely come back and buy another pair of different color contacts❣️
Sonnie S.
Amazed with the quality, love how much it changes my dark brown eyes.
Alanna B.
I've always worn contacts since I was young however, it is really hard to find colored contacts that really changes your eye color (considering I have a really really really dark eye color!). I am really happy with this purchase! It also came in a really pretty box! I ALSO GOT FREE EYE SHADOW GLITTERS WOW!! I will soon be posting a review on my channel. youtube.com/caitlinbaes
Khawla A.
So beautiful and very comfortable highly recommended
Daniela M.
Natural eyes are dark brown, they feel great look great so happy with these highly recommend to anyone
sulata k.
So preety
Porubai E.
Divine lenses! Overlap the native eye color. The lenses are soft and very pleasing to the eyes. You can wear lenses all day, and eyes do not get tired. I am very happy to purchase! I will be ordering here again!
Cat S.
I have frickin dark eyes and did not think these would even be seen... they were so bright and you could only see the light gray! Also wore for 2 days straight and they were just as comfortable as normal contacts!
Fab A.
I have really dark eyes naturally but these contacts still did a great job plus they feel good and are very easy to take out
Brittany I.
Absolutely love these contacts! They’re so natural and beautiful. My original eye color is a hazel- green & these cover them nicely.
KayDee W.
I was so hesitant about these. My eyes are so sensative but these are absolutely wonderful and so comfortable. I have blue-green eyes so these really lightened them up! I absolutely love the look! I will be ordering more.
Sky J.
I have dark blue rings around light blue eyes. I had read reviews and people claimed that they looked like zombie eyes. Personally I think they look amazing. Please excuse my skin, having a bad day. Lol.
Linda T.
They are perfect. I love this site. Use code “kanashiga” for 10% off on your next purchase! 💕💕💕
Tionna M.
Looooovveee them sm!
Eleonora Z.
I've got dark brown eyes and on these they fit perfectly.
Lola M.
Sorry for my English I'm from France. This contacts are so amazing, the color is exactly the same as the pic on your store. Very confortable, i Wear them all the time. All it's perfect. ( And the packaging is so cute, with all the little gifts. Amazing store)
I just Love this grey colour! Perfect fit for my eyes. I will buy again!
Elza L.
I just LOVE the color of lenses. It’s perfect. But my eyes burn a bit and my eyes get dry when i wear them. Unfortunately I have to visit my ophthalmologist. I hope everything will be fine, because I really like that intense grey color. It’s perfectly fits to my style.
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