Vanessa S. review of Magic Grill Mat
Vanessa S.
Absolutely love these. Think I will order more. They don’t stick I have even cook fajitas on them
Windy P. review of Magic Grill Mat
Windy P.
I used this mat for BBQ today I really love it! It's reusable and non sticky while you grill food!
Jayson I. review of Magic Grill Mat
Jayson I.
I finally get to try this. I was a little unsure of this item but when I tried it I was pleasantly surprised.The best thing is it's very easy to clean, perfect!!
Gina U. review of Magic Grill Mat
Gina U.
Not sticky or hot, worth having!! You won't be disappointed!
Jeff Y. review of Magic Grill Mat
Jeff Y.
Cooks food great and no grill clean up...just let it cool, take it in the house and wash it in the sink or dishwasher. Love, Love, Love this magic mat! Highly recommended
Terry R. review of Magic Grill Mat
Terry R.
Great mat! This is an awesome gift for anyone who likes to barbecue. I first bought this for myself and loved it.
Barry P.
Received item last week, tried it tonight. Chicken, asparagus and potatoes outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!
Larissa P.
I've used this product twice and I LOVE it! I must admit I looked at it with a skeptical eye before I used it but now I am completely convinced! Makes barbecuing fun again.. I am recommending this to friends and relatives! Thanks for offering this product!
Hilda S.
These mats not only cook very well, you cans also brown on them. I cook a lot of blacken fish, and shrimp brochettes, and they are just amazing! The cleanup of these mats are a snap, and your grill doesn�t get dirty. It�s a win, win with these mats!
Jona G.
This is the second set I have purchased. I gave three away to friends because they were so good. I would recommend this to anyone.
Michelle G.
SUPER easy to clean and food doesn't stick. Great product. Doesn't leave grill marks as described, but I don't care. It keeps my grill clean and ti's easy to clean too!
Jimmy T.
Best investment for any griller/grill master. No need for the basket for veggies or mushrooms, make if one less utensil to wash . The grill mat gives the yummy char taste and look to veggies, mushrooms, chicken nuggets and even French fries. There's nothing that can't be grilled on these.
Mary P.
My husband used these to grill with today. They are amazing to use on the grill! He made steak, shrimp, and steak fries on them the first time.
Julios T.
Outstanding! Clean your grill once then with the mats you never have to touch them again.
Mark F.
I definitely like the idea, it is light, prevents the food burned from grilling, while make the grill itself clean. Perfectly for grilling the seafood.
Miguel H.
First, I love to grill food. I make grill chicken wings at home all the time. But those chicken oil will spit oil all over my oven and mess my bakeware. When I was enjoying my delicious chicken wings, I had a headache about cleaning the mess. These grill mats help me a lot.
Juliana Q.
I received so many compliments at my family cookout on the ribs that were cooked in this.
Wilco S.
Really good quality. I use them for the oven. My oven used to be a mess after cooking. Now I just lay two of these on the lower tray. They are very easy to clean.�
Hayley G.
These mats are so GREAT! I cook a lot of fish, veggies, and so many other foods that can fall through the grill.�I'm very impress with this.
Luisa S.
Love these mats. We use them for everything on the grill. Great for fish, chicken burgers etc.
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