Turner L.
Never used one, but this one is well designed and I was able to make a pretty big chip go away. Enough to do several chips, definitely recommend. Good company aswell - honest and quick shipping and tracking
Jon N.
Works well. Follow directions and you can get a invisible repair. I repaired it 3 months ago and its still invisible as if it never existed.
Sara C.
My windshield got a ding shortly after I replaced the windshield. I waited about 3 years to try and fix it and found this product. I figured for the money, I would give it a shot. If it worked great, if not, oh well. Followed the directions and the ding is now invisible. Worked great.
Tara S.
Great product, I had some doubts but it worked amazing.. I managed to fix 4 bullseyes on my windshield with one kit absolutely happy with it
Devon M.
this thing actually worked! I had just replaced my windshield when a rock kicked up and pinged a nice little chip/crack. I didn’t want to file a claim AGAIN so I figured I’d give this a shot. I’m quite happy with it!!!
Nick K.
The cool thing about this is you can use it for multiple rock chips, unlike the kits that are single use. The plastic on the injector was perfect. it does fill the cracks even if it takes a few minutes. This was a fairly small rock chip. I do recommend this!
Sheldon K.
Use it to fix a small crack on my windshield over 3 months ago.. the crack hasn't spread since..
Denise J.
Love it love it love it. Easy to use... really took 20 minutes.