Janell J. review of KidSAFE - GPS Live Location Smartwatch
Janell J.
This is a lie my kids didnt like the watch the first day. It is poor quality I went through seller to return and refund they said it's theyre policy no returns even though the site says otherwise. You can get something much nicer and cheaper without the hassle of the poor customer support of this company.
Jennifer D. review of KidSAFE - GPS Live Location Smartwatch
Jennifer D.
Very good, perfect size for my 7 year old daughter. She was excited to get it. Also, it has a camera too.Easy to use and fulfills all its functions correctly. There are many functions: photos, timer/alarm, etc. it’s good for the price.
Leigh R. review of KidSAFE - GPS Live Location Smartwatch
Leigh R.
Very useful and lovely watch. Serve as a phone, GPS tracker, camera and of course a watch. My 3 year old loves it and uses it to call my relatives non stop... So fun. Totally worth the money
Elise B. review of KidSAFE - GPS Live Location Smartwatch
Elise B.
I was going to buy an apple for for my kid to keep track of her location. This watch works just fine with a fraction of cost.
Marjorie T. review of KidSAFE - GPS Live Location Smartwatch
Marjorie T.
Absolutely awesome! Sleek looking, comfortable for my kid.
Tina V. review of KidSAFE - GPS Live Location Smartwatch
Tina V.
Arrived on time. All the functions work. Is durable. My niece who's 6 is having a lot of fun with it, and is able to maneuver around the watch with no problems. Is definitely worth the price. Would recommend.
Ellen S. review of KidSAFE - GPS Live Location Smartwatch
Ellen S.
It gives me some piece of mind that I can communicate with my child when I can't be around. Its nice for both of us to be able to send surprise texts, and also let me know how her day is going when it happens, since kids have a short memory. lol
Tosh O.
I bought this for my daughter and it doesn’t tell what carrier works for the SIM card and I’ve tried a couple places to get it activated and it isn’t compatible. Please help me! Tel me where do I get the card!
Dani A.
Ordered 2 for my children & they ddnt have sim cards so they cldnt be used!!! Glad I wanted the $ for nothing.
Ava G.
Easy to locate where is my daughter. don’t need to keep an eye on her when we travel to the Disney park. Camera and microphone are really helpful when we need to find her. Really common this to the parents plan to travel.
Helen K.
My daughter likes it so much. The watch band is very comfortable, the design is good, the game is possible, and the picture can be taken. Good product !!!
Elisa H.
I got this for my 6 year old. She is now practicing learning time. This smart watch not only help her with time it also allow her to call me as well. We can track where she is all the time. She loves the watch and wears to school everyday.
Susan R.
It's a nice kid's watch, I'm happy to have it so I can keep my little one on track. And I can use it to talk to him through the phone. Good enough for a toddler!
Madison J.
My daughter loves it! It is really easy to set up. Put the SIM card in and Use their usb wire to charge not what you already have. The touchscreen is really good. It’s cute and colorful. My daughter doesn’t want to take it off. The APP is easy to use too. You can see it on the APP wherever the child goes. It will be more save when you travel or shopping in the big shopping mall. Highly recommend to the parents who have vigorous child.
Elizabeth S.
My daughter loves the watch so much and wears it every day. She shows this to her friends and makes them want to buy it too. She used it to call me. Very satisfied with this.
Thomas G.
My wife and I were definitely not ready to give our 7-year-old a phone. But after seeing these type smartwatches on the other kids at school we decided we were ready to take the plunge. For the first time, he rides a bus to after-school care and there are several stops along the way. So we wanted the ability to not only see where he was but to receive notifications when he left school. This watch delivers on that, plus the ability to receive calls and send messages. It's one of those things that...
Abigail S.
I purchased this watch for my 11 year old who is not quite responsible enough for a phone or too much unsupervised access to internet, yet independent and needing to be able to communicate with me from away from home. It was super easy to set up by inserting a activated 4 g sim card I removed from a phone I had on my plan already, not need to call tmobile at all. The calls are clear and easy to make and receive. Option to track I have not used yet, and texting is not really an option. It only al...
Karen G.
My five year old instantly loved it and refused to take it off at night. He wears it day and night although I haven’t figured out how to put a SIM card in it. Once all the settings are activated, I believe this watch will be really awesome.
Nicole T.
A very necessary thing for a child. there are buttons to call parents and 911. Also, the route home is very clear and easy for a child even 4 years old
Geri N.
This watch is very nice. My 2 and half year old boy liked it a lot. Multi function watch. You can call and text from it! My son is just keeps calling his dad when he is at work lol. Nice watch in cheap price!
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