Robert M.
This product is very helpful and very easy to conversation with other people.....
Two-Way Voice Translator (50+ Languages)
Jessica B.
This is the best investment made on translator device. I was unsure on traveling to Italy or not next summer. But with this translator I'm definitely going with my friends. With this device I can travel like a local resident. I Highly recommend getting one for anyone who is traveling.
Two-Way Voice Translator (50+ Languages)
Jenna A.
This bag worked for what I needed. It fits as the free bag on Spirit airlines. I fit 3 pairs of clothes, makeup, bathroom stuff + souvenirs from my trip. Served its purpose, made it to Vegas and back!
Packable Carry-On Duffel Bag
Hoss D.
Love these bags. Super light and easy to carry. Perfect for packing a few clothes and essentials for a quick weekended getaway trip. Best part is how lightweight they are. Comes in a pack of two like pictured. The creases will work themselves out over time after stuffing them. Cool colors and good quality.
Packable Carry-On Duffel Bag
Kendra C.
Used these bags for my last two weekend getaways and loved them. The first trip used one as a carry on and it fit all the necessities + a little extra space for the shopping i did. For my second trip I threw the perfectly folded light weight bag in my larger luggage and used it as a back up bag when my shopping went too far. In between I’ve been using the smaller bag for a gym bag and again love how light weight and easily they fold up between trips.
Packable Carry-On Duffel Bag
Tania K.
I LOVE this bag! Outstanding quality. This is actually my second purchase. I previously bought three for my kids and had another kid and needed one more! We use these for camping, overnighters at Grandparents, traveling, etc. We love that they fold up small to tuck in the kids' closets when not in use and are easy to pull out when we need them again. Will continue to buy as needed because they hold so much! Perfect for an overnighter or a 5 day trip, too.
Packable Carry-On Duffel Bag
Amelia S.
Love this bag. Super light and easy to carry. Perfect for packing a few clothes and essentials for a quick weekended getaway trip. Best part is how lightweight they are.
Packable Carry-On Duffel Bag
Jennifer T.
If you need any type of bag, CONSIDER THIS! Awesome quality, durable, LOVE the colors, so amazing!!!
Packable Carry-On Duffel Bag
Janna V.
Biggest priority of this bag is that it is a lightweight, quality is decent thanks !
Packable Carry-On Duffel Bag
Trisha W.
Bought these for extra luggage space if we bought too much souvenirs on our vacation. They worked perfectly, took up no space in the luggage on our way there, then we filled them up with fun for the trip home! The zipper is sturdy, the strap is wide and perfect length, the material is thin, light but very strong! Very happy with my purchase!
Packable Carry-On Duffel Bag
Vicki R.
I just received these bags and they are very well made. They have nice straight seams, squared corners, and well made zippers. I'm using them to store/carry sleeping bags. At such a great price, I would order them again.
Packable Carry-On Duffel Bag
Shay L.
I was looking for a small daypack for an upcoming trip to India and Italy when I stumbled upon this one. It is everything I could want and more! It arrived in its small compact size and unfolded very easily into the full sized backpack. I was sort of shocked and almost thought I ordered the wrong item when it looked like a tiny satchel of some sort. The pack is decently sized and can fit quite a lot in it. The material seems sturdy and I can't wait to put it to use soon! The bag easily stuffs ba...
Foldable Waterproof Backpack
Chad M.
I bought this item to use as a day/town/ shopping pack , instead of my usual regular backpack, while traveling..The few issues don't outweigh the benefits. Pros: - The fabric feels strong and the stitching seems good. - Light weight and very practical. - It's lightweight and so portable,perfect for taking in the little pouch for packing in a suitcase. - It doesn't look big but it holds a lot of stuff.It able to hold my purse, a few small items, my jacket, and a notebook. - The shoulder straps e...
Foldable Waterproof Backpack
Maria A.
I live in Argentina and i was afraid the item do not arrive. I am so happy with my watch i love it!!!!
*NEW FOR 2018* Official Wanderlust Watch - FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
Rodrigo O.
Hola comunidad Latina!!!! Calidad del producto como lo esperado, tiempo de llegada a mi país El Salvador, 5 semanas!!! Excelente producto!!!!!
Premium Scratchable World Map - World Traveler Edition
David G.
The map arrived covered by a plastic material ..and inside it, it was the rounded cardboard.....and finally inside the cardboard is the map I consider that both give enough protection to the map.....the plastic avoid that any liquid goes inside and the cardboard avoid hits to the map... In fact, the edge of the cardboard was bended due to a high impact, but the map inside was in a perfect condition Pros: It is as you expected (or a bit better) I consider the delivery time if you consider the...
Globetrotter Maps® Scratchable World Map
Christine B.
I bought one and it was so useful in decluttering my closet, I had to buy another one. It holds more than purses and makes it easier to find stuff. Good product. It's very useful.
The Amazing Purse Organizer
Cassandra W.
Love it. Of course I have more that 6 purses. Who doesn't? But the compartments are big enough to add more than one and the big purse fits just fine. I may need another one.
The Amazing Purse Organizer
Roberto V.
South America is my favorite. I plan to move to Sao Paulo next year. I haven't visited all the countries but I will eventualy so I wanted to see it all. Now that I can trust this company I don't feel like I have to worry about ordering another.
Premium Scratchable World Map - World Traveler Edition
Randi M.
I didn't realize how nice the coutnries would look underneath the foil covering. Want to scratch off the whole thing and frame it.
Premium Scratchable World Map - World Traveler Edition
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