Jenna J. review of Manm Smile® Toothbrush
Jenna J.
It’s tad smaller and fits my mouth better.
Alicia S. review of Manm Smile® Toothbrush
Alicia S.
What is not to love about this toothbrush! The softness and the gentle cleaning. And now in this gorgeous light green color 😍
Heather P. review of Manm Smile® Toothbrush
Heather P.
My teeth are super sensitive and brushing with a regular Colgate toothbrush would hurt certain areas, no matter what toothpaste or amount of pressure I would use. This toothbrush is the best!!!
Grace H. review of Manm Smile™ Toothbrush
Grace H.
Great toothbrush, doesn't scratch your gums.
Roeshell M. review of Manm Smile® Toothbrush
Roeshell M.
I really like this toothbrush. I was skeptical but it cleans very well. I bought it based on a review by someone who said it made their teeth literally squeak from being clean. So I bought it, tried it, and now I can squeak my teeth too.
Duy A. review of Manm Smile® Toothbrush
Duy A.
I never thought the manual toothbrush can be better than Oral-B one. I was right until I use this one. The result is so credible. So gentle, so clean. This is a toothbrush you must buy.