Russell M. review of Power Flex™ Swing Trainer
Russell M.
Without a doubt this has helped me with my transition and accuracy. I have dropped a shot since I started using it, WHS now down to 8.7. I have gained between 20-30 yards on my drive and about 10-15 on my irons. All in all the beat training tool I have used and so glad I purchased it. Would highly recommend to everyone who wants to improve their game. Russell Marchant
Bill M. review of Power Flex™ Swing Trainer
Bill M.
Only get to use it when I can prise it away from my wife. Really think it helps with tempo and release 🏌🏿
Joseph F. review of Power Flex™ Swing Trainer
Joseph F.
This was a par 4 336 yards. Greatest shot of my life.
Manny  N. review of Power Flex™ Swing Trainer
Manny N.
Am finally getting my swing back
Lee P. review of Power Flex™ Swing Trainer
Lee P.
I purchased the Power Flex Swing Trainer to help improve my swing. It has done just that. I feel I now have a better inside out swing. It is also great for warming up, but I find just practicing with it is helpful. Because of its weighed tip, it can also provide just some good exercise. I live in Alaska and alas, my golf season is done for this year, but I already have a place in the house where I can keep in practice with my swing trainer.
gary i. review of Power Flex™ Swing Trainer
gary i.
Works as advertised. Gets me in the right tempo and loosens me up before the round.
Gene V. review of Power Flex™ Swing Trainer
Gene V.
Only had the opportunity to use it a few times but i can already see a difference in my drives. Less slicing and hitting more fairways.
Tony B. review of Power Flex™ Swing Trainer
Tony B.
Really helps before and during the round. I usually use it at the turn to stay loose.
Luis H. review of Power Flex™ Swing Trainer
Luis H.
I love it. I take it with me where ever I take my clubs. It has helped me a lot. It’s part are my gear.
Ron S. review of Power Flex™ Swing Trainer
Ron S.
So far I am really enjoying it. I was having a lot of issues with my driver by breaking my wrist and not transferring weight correctly. After swinging this training device a few days, then going to play my round I would use it before each drive for 2-3 swings. I found my driver again!! Drives were amazing because I was not breaking my wrists and followed thru much better. I was hitting drives 250-280 all day long. Closer to 275 the majority of the day and one even 320. I generally hit my dr...
David S.
Very happy with the product , and hope it will benefit my game when the season starts
Pete C.
It's a little awkward at first, adjusting to the lag, but after a few times you get the feel and are able to use it. Just got to see what the results are like on the golf course, when lockdown ends
Michael G.
Being unable to play golf since the lockdown after Christmas the swing flex has been a godsend allowing me to exercise in a way which keeps my swing in shape. It may even be improving my ability to swing a little faster and in balance.
Kenneth K.
As advertised. Great training aid...
Joel E.
Gave it as a gift to my son who has become an avid golfer. He is already enjoying it but waiting for warmer weather.
George C.
Swing it 5-10 times and your clubs are as light as a feather.
David W.
The Swing Trainer is both the perfect warm-up and tempo device I've ever used. I swing it everyday even if I'm not playing golf.
Robert L.
I have only used it twice, but helped me to loosen up prior to using my driver at the range. Can’t wait to use it this spring on the golf course
Barry S.
I love it.
William T.
Love it. I even take it out and swing during the round if I feel my swing getting loose.
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