Cheryl B.
My husband put his on his beachy dashboard surrounded by seashell and other Beach things. He lives his too!!
AirstrikeĀ® 8251-'White Tiger'- License Plate
Cheryl B.
Love it. I'll be ordering more for Christmas this year. Glad to know you started at Ron Jon's!! It's our favorite surf shop and down the road neighbor!!!
AirstrikeĀ® Beach License Plate 543-'Beach Chairs'-Beach Scene License Plate
Judith R.
I absolutely love my tag and I think it looks awesome on my car. It don't take long to get. And o thank anyone would love this I order 3 for our vehicles šŸ˜
AirstrikeĀ® American Flag Eagle License Plate Patriotic Power-6512
Anne H.
We love our Beach Chair cover. It goes very well with our 2Beachbm license plate! Fast shipping! Easy to deal with! Thanks šŸŒ“āœŒļø
AirstrikeĀ® Beach License Plate Frame, Beach License Plate Holder, Beach Car Tag Frame 'Beach Chairs'-30-543
Edith T.
I already sent this photo, but here it is again. Don is enjoying his license plate.
AirstrikeĀ® 7712-'Train 1310'-Train License Plate
Angela K.
We have an Arctic Fox Truck Camper. Itā€™s decorated with all kinds of foxes on the inside. This beautiful license plate added a wonderful touch.
AirstrikeĀ® Fox License Plate 3526-'Shore Patrol' Red Fox License Plate
Lois F.
My husband loves his license plate. He gets tons of compliments!! Great product.
AirstrikeĀ® USMC Black Flag License Plate Marines License Plate-Marine Corps Emblem on Black Made in USA (Made of Metal)-774
This is a great plate!
AirstrikeĀ® 597-'Florida State Plate Native'-License Plate
Joseph V.
I love my new license plate frame!! Matches my red leather seats perfectly!
AirstrikeĀ® Beach License Plate Frame, Beach Car Tag Frame, Beach License Plate Holder, Ocean Palm Trees Beach License Plate Frame-30-311
Debbie M.
I just today installed on my Bug and I love it! THANK YOU SO I MUCH I will definitely recommend you to my friends!
AirstrikeĀ® Tie Dye License Plate Frame, Tie Dye License Plate Holder, Tie Dye Frame-30-615
Robin M.
AirstrikeĀ® Dolphins License Plate Frame, Dolphins Car Tag Frame, Dolphins License Plate Holder, Beach License Plate Frame-30-3401
Rich C.
I was going to contact you as my wife wish to return one of the plates in place of another design. The one plate has not be unwrapped and is still in the original package. Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you Rich.
AirstrikeĀ® 454-'Kokopelli'-Kokopelli License Plates
Russ H.
Absolutely the most professional company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Follow up on shipping was a bright spot in my day!! And everyone I showed it to! You guys are going to be VERY successful if you continue with the customer experience youĆ¢ā‚¬ā„¢re providing. Thanks for the great quality plate as well as the perfect packaging and the little treats!! Too funny but seriously top notch company.
AirstrikeĀ® American Flag Eagle License Plate Patriotic Power-6512
Karen W.
I wanted a license plate frame that would accent my brand new crystal navy blue Mazda 3 hatchback. The retro flower design was perfect. I love the design and the quality of the frame. I also enjoyed the kooky friendly personality of the owner.
AirstrikeĀ® Retro Flower License Plate Frame, Floral Pattern Car Tag Frame, Gears License Plate Holder, Cute License Plate Frame-30-716
raymond r.
The material is a little thin and you need to be careful when washing with a rag or brush as they will bind at the corners and then you need to remove bend back and reinstall. They look great just use caution when cleaning
AirstrikeĀ® Black American Flag License Plate Frame, American Flag Car Tag Frame, US License Plate Frame, United States Flag License Plate Frame-30-766
Charles P.
Love showing my faith in Christ. GOD BLESS !!!
AirstrikeĀ® Christian License Plate 7223-'Be Strong'-Christian License Plate
Mary H.
You made returning the items extremely easy and I appreciate the prepaid mailer you sent me! Your expertise in designing my plate is very apparent!
AirstrikeĀ® Blessed License Plate 527-'Blessed in Silver'-Christian License Plate
Jan C.
I have used them together on the front of my truck and I think they look great!
AirstrikeĀ® Blessed License Plate Frame, Blessed License Plate Holder, Blessed Car Tag Frame 'Blessed'-30-527
Michael M.
Really appreciated the vanity plate of the dogs. We own a chocolate and black lab and so many people have commented on the plate. Thanks again!
AirstrikeĀ® 5403-'American Black and Chocolate Lab' Lab Dog License Plate
Thomas B.
DonĆ¢ā‚¬ā„¢t know how to send a. Photo. Looks awesome though
AirstrikeĀ® Eagle License Plate American Flag License Plate The Height of Freedom-5371
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