Alison N.
My dogs don’t like the taste, but it definitely helps their coats to be softer and skin to be less itchy.
Lita D.
My dog reluctantly eats these. I’ve noticed a slight change in her coat and less shedding, but no improvement in her hot spots at all. I don’t feel the slight benefits are worth the price.
Judith T.
I like the product, tater however will not eat them. He still gets one everyday though as I gently push it down his throat 😂
Wendy S.
My dog really likes these, but I'm not sure how effective they are. I was hoping they would help with her food allergies and reduce how much she chews her paws, but she's been taking them for almost a month and I haven't noticed any difference.
Barbara V.
I sneak some of this, in powder form into the plain chicken he accepts as a food. Hope this helps. Just don't know yet.
Skin & Coat Dog Supplements (Ships every 3 Weeks)
Carolyn S.
This Rocky asleep, but his coat is beautiful! Before he started on the coat and skin supplement, he was loosing hair and shedding very badly. He was even bald in certain locations, but now his coat is thick, shiny, and very soft. I’m always getting compliments on his coat. He’s also eating the food and I just started him on the hip and joint supplement. Thank you so much for these products. I was out of ideas. CSTEELE
Marian S.
My girl dog eats them no trouble. My boy is a bit picky!
Christi H.
I have a 5 year old Boxer/Rottie, who is extremely picky. She would eat for a few days, and could then go 1-2 days before she would eat again. I tried toppings, different flavors, different brands, even moist food. I just could not entice Cassie to eat, if she didn't want to. Immediately after trying Wild Earth for the first time, she loves it, and rarely goes without eating. She cleans her bowl and has even put on a few pounds. My almost 14 year old Shepard/Chow and my 2 year old Lab/Catt...
David S.
He is kind of part time with the peanut butter one, he eats the strawberry beet treats no problem, great products,can't say one thing bad about the company, the folks that are on the phones not a thing, have been talking to others about the product and the treats, thanks, we'll keep getting the strawberry beet treats for him 2packages per month thanks again, Dave, Judy and Tiger
Margaret-jane M.
Gave this to my son for his German Shepherd. So far it has helped tremendously with his walking up and down stairs. No problem chewing these at all.