Neil C.
It seems to be working. It's only been a couple of weeks
Bradford S.
My senior Lab loves the food and seems to be doing very well on it. More energy and enthusiasm for life. The downside is the price. It is 4 times more expensive than what I was feeding Gus and that was considered a premium food also. I would love to stick with Wild Earth but not sure I can at this price point.
Skin & Coat Dog Supplements (Ships every 4 Weeks)
Rachel C.
She loves the supplements and I don’t have to force her to take it. She gobbles it up.
Susan D.
these smell so good, I want to eat them. My dog loves them but he is a golden retriever and loves most food. Ha
Brenda R.
Ava, does like this, as her treat. I think she would like more than one a day. But, one a day is what she get.😆
Mitzi A.
It’s only been a month, but since Rosie’s 8 or 9, it’s worth trying.
David M.
Have noticed no difference and not interested in continuing.
Linda K.
It has taken my dog several weeks but she is starting to like it
Olivia V.
I got this supplement to help with flaky skin and paw biting/licking. I haven't noticed any improvements over the past few weeks. My dog does not like the taste which is understandable because they smell pretty bad. If she liked them I would consider trying them out for longer. She eats them ok if I put them in her food bowl smothered in peanut butter so I will continue to feed them to her until they're gone but I probably won't reorder unless I see an improvement.
Theresa S.
All of my dogs love them.
Skin & Coat Dog Supplements
Jennifer B.
Buster was gnawing on the inside of his legs and scratching like crazy. I saw these treats and thought I'd give them a try. It's been a little less than a month of giving him 1/2 treat in the morning and the other 1/2 at night and it's already made a difference. Great product that we would highly recommend if your dog is suffering from allergies.
Barbara C.
My two labs are enjoying the vitamin along with their wild earth 🙏
Rachel F.
My dog loves these. He reminds me to give him one if I forget. Poops are looking good.
Not sure yet but it seems to be helping. My dogs skin has shown a lot of improvement.
Skin & Coat Dog Supplements (Ships every 4 Weeks)
Laura Collins C.
Tyger loves the Skin and Coat Supplement he think of it a a treat and has coat is so much better!