Nick S. review of Chicago Quilt Blanket
Nick S.
Completely satisfied! Keep up the good work! Respectfully: Nick Siegel ROCK-ON!
Chicago Quilt Blanket
Patricia L. review of Stryper Quilt Blanket
Patricia L.
My husband is a huge Stryker fan and thought he won the lottery with this. He couldn’t have asked for anything better.
Stryper Quilt Blanket
R K. review of Frank zappa Quilt Blanket
R K.
Frank zappa Quilt Blanket
Daniel W. review of Bob Seger Quilt Blanket
Daniel W.
I surprised my wife with this blanket. She loves it and I feel like I picked the right gift.
Bob Seger Quilt Blanket
Sava C. review of Olivia Newton-John Quilt Blanket
Sava C.
Very beautiful blanket!
Olivia Newton-John Quilt Blanket
Alison B. review of Def Leppard Quilt Blanket
Alison B.
Love this Def Leppard quilt, I thought it could have been a bit thicker, but still very happy with it.
Def Leppard Quilt Blanket
KEIJI O. review of Bruce Springsteen Quilt Blanket
It was a very good product. Thank you very much. Also, if you have another design, you probably will buy it.
Bruce Springsteen Quilt Blanket
Rick J. review of Kiss Quilt Blanket
Rick J.
Love it. It’s perfect
Kiss Quilt Blanket
Stefanie H. review of Steve Perry Quilt Blanket
Stefanie H.
I love this quilt. Thank you for not being a company that scams people.
Steve Perry Quilt Blanket
Jody W. review of Steve Perry Quilt Blanket
Jody W.
I Absolutely Love My King Size Quilt!!! Great Quality and A Great Price!! It’s Perfect For Snuggling Up In. It Isn’t To Thick and Bulky and Also Not To Thin To Stay Nice and Cozy. I Have Washed It Twice And It Still Looks Great. Highly Recommended 😍
Steve Perry Quilt Blanket
Ron H. review of U2 Quilt Blanket
Ron H.
I love it u2 couldn’t look any better than the quilt. I ll be buying more I hope you have Tom petty
U2 Quilt Blanket
Maureen T. review of Styx Band Quilt Blanket
Maureen T.
Absolutely love it. It’s beautiful, soft, true king size, & warm.
Styx Band Quilt Blanket
Cindy B. review of Kiss Quilt Blanket
Cindy B.
Absolutely loved this quilt! It's light weight, warm,soft, and very comfortable. Would definitely buy another one!
Kiss Quilt Blanket
Pat E. review of Steve Perry Quilt Blanket
Pat E.
The quilt went through the washing machine just fine - no colours ran. I am very happy with the product. I would order this type of product from this company again any day.
Steve Perry Quilt Blanket
Desmond C. review of U2 Quilt Blanket
Desmond C.
Thank u for fast delivery and the u2 cover is great
U2 Quilt Blanket
Robbie F. review of Styx Band Quilt Blanket
Robbie F.
I love this quilt , great quality really soft & warm . Worth the money . Just took awhile to get it .
Styx Band Quilt Blanket
shawn r. review of W.A.S.P. Quilt Blanket
shawn r.
Professionally made. Sticking nice and straight, graphics amazingly clear.
W.A.S.P. Quilt Blanket
Rebecca Dawn M. review of Poison cotton Quilt
Rebecca Dawn M.
I Love my Poison Blanket … I use it as a couch cover in my living room … I have been a Poison fan since the 80's … Poison # 1 Classic Best … yeah they are ! Rebecca Dawn Moon Stuart , Nebraska
Poison cotton Quilt
Don W. review of Def Leppard Quilt Blanket - New Arrival
Don W.
Sharing my favorite blanket EVER, with my favorite grandson EVER.
Def Leppard Quilt Blanket - New Arrival
Clark G. review of Stevie Nicks Quilt Blanket
Clark G.
Quilted blanket is awesome ! Nice and thick, super warm and the colors are sharp and bright.
Stevie Nicks Quilt Blanket
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