Frances G.
Very comfortable ❤️
Janemary M.
This was my first time buying a bra online. It fits perfectly and it's really comfy. I love it will be buying more for work.
Sassy G.
This is the best bra I have ever worn. I ordered another one after I received the first because I was so pleased with the fit. The support is excellent. I change bras when I get home from work to be more comfortable because the support in these bras is so great. This bra really does help your posture.
Kaye J.
Perfect comfort and support in this posture bra! Does what it says regarding helping proper posture. It has encouraged me to stand and sit taller all while being supportive and sexy looking!
Athene F.
Its a very comfortable bra, and helped me on my back and neck problems. I notice that my neck does not ache and feel like it needs a deep tissue massage every second anymore. I believe these have helped!
B. S.
This is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. It gives me support, I have no problem with straps slipping off my shoulders, there is no underwire to bind you and it shapes nicely. I also noticed that my neck and shoulders have not been bothering me as much. I will buy it again!
Shelly P.
Very well made! This is now my absolute favorite bra EVER! So incredibly comfortable and helps my posture, also holds me in well and no sagging, so comfortable Im ordering more!!!
Natasha D.
Lifesaver! I began developing shoulder issues due to poor posture. This bra lifts well enough to shift my center of gravity and correct my posture with no wires or straps digging in or falling off my shoulders. It is comfortable enough to sleep in because its seamless.
P. S.
A bra with all the features I needed! This is definitely a must buy!! Its wonderful 5/5!
Ruth D.
Fabulous! Just what I was looking for! My back is thanking me for this bra.