Robert B.Verified
Beautiful Piece of Craftmanship I bought this for my wife. She Loves it. Works great to hold an indoor plant upright
Carole H.Verified
Hummingbird Plant Stake Love it …… want to get the Bee one next!! :honeybee: Can you make a dragonfly plant stake? :thinking: I :heart:️ dragonflies!!
Kenneth B.Verified
Purchased as a Christmas gift. Arrived in time for the big day and was well received!
Yoka B.Verified
Great for indoor pots and balcony planters A wonderful gift for people in condos and apartments.
Caren C.Verified
Birds Make Memories Whether it is the haunting sounds of a loon on a lake, or the energetic chirps of a chickadee, they become part of the fabric of our lives without guile. We might not even notice at times but then, a quiet moment in our lives allows the bird sing to take center stage. Perfect.
Benson M.Verified
Lovely and will be well received as gifts. Thought might be bigger than actual size.