Pauline L.Verified
Beautiful art and workmanship in all the products! I bought these for my family and friends for Christmas! They are all beautiful and we’re so appreciated! I loved them as a unique craft which will change with time! I may repeat this tradition next year! Excellent service and delivery time! They are made in Canada and that was the deciding factor!
Carole M.Verified
Loved this … given to accompany a gift of Kissing Cardinals. It speaks to the male always making sure that the female is always well fed :heartpulse:
Robin E.Verified
Bird feeder I am delighted with the bird feeder. Love it!
Mary M.Verified
Oriole feeder Love the idea but no where to put nectar or grape jelly which orioles really like too. I have it though hanging in a tree. No orioles yet.
Charles J.Verified
Excellent product Well made product from quality materials. Excellent buying experience Would recommend
Hazel B.Verified
Hanging bird feeder I'm waiting for Spring before I hang it. Can hardly wait.
Sue T.Verified
Christmas Gift Yes everything was fine. Looking forward to putting the feeders out in the Spring. Thank you
Valerie M.Verified
Lovely Quality My large variety of birds are still deciding if they like fruit in winter. Suet and black sunflower seeds are their favourites now as we have extreme cold weather.
Jen B.Verified
Beautiful but not the most practical feeder. Can only use fruit or suet.
Janice M.Verified
Bird feeder We are very happy with the quality of the bird feeder. We are just waiting a bit to hang it until the birds need help finding winter food.
Paula M.Verified
Love it!