Suzanne B. review of Blue Jay image 1 out of 1
Suzanne B.Verified
Waiting for spring in snowy Newfoundland!
Catharine D. review of Blue Jay image 1 out of 2+1
Catharine D.Verified
The Blue Jay was purchased as a gift for dear friends BUT the Pileated Woodpecker which I’ve had for 3 years is a gift in a different way! Since it’s been out on our deck, the neighbourhood’s real woodpecker has stopped pecking away on my house! That shows the craftsmanship has even fooled the real thing! Unfortunately, it has started at my neighbour’s where in the pic you can see the result.
Cindy J. review of Blue Jay image 1 out of 1
Cindy J.Verified
Perfect gift Bought this beautiful blue jay for a gift for my uncle in Ontario. It looks beautiful in their garden. He loves his gift. Highly recommend Medalbird.
Hayley H. review of Blue Jay image 1 out of 1
Hayley H.Verified
Great gift for nature lovers or bird watchers! The blue jay made an awesome Christmas gift for my parents. I was a little surprised by how thin the metal was but it seems to be holding up, nearly 2 years later!
Jeff B. review of Blue Jay image 1 out of 1
Jeff B.Verified
Blue Jay Love the Blue Jay and receive so many compliments about it! Definitely want to add a few more! Jeff
Charles W. review of Blue Jay image 1 out of 1
Charles W.Verified
Birthday Blue Jay I bought this as a gift for my wife, an avid gardener. It makes for a beautiful and conversation-generating piece of garden art and we have received many compliments. The real Blue Jays who fly past on their way to the feeder seem to like it too!
Jill M. review of Blue Jay image 1 out of 1
Jill M.Verified
Woodpecker I gave this guy as a Xmas present to a dear friend, who couldn't wait for spring to place him in his new home.
Jaclyn R. review of Blue Jay image 1 out of 1
Jaclyn R.Verified
Leanne N. review of Blue Jay image 1 out of 1
Leanne N.Verified
Perfect! Bought as a gift and it was very well received!
Brandon D.Verified
I first bought the Bluejay it’s gonna go in the backyard where we do have Blue Jays but I think I’m going to buy the rest of the birds for the summer and bring them camping. Awesome work keep it up can’t wait to hang them up in the spring time.
Janice B.Verified
Jacquie R.Verified
This is my 3rd Metal Bird. I love my Blue Jay! Great craftsmanship!
Sherri B.Verified
Love this Beautiful
Judy W.Verified
Also bought owl and both will be installed at cottage when weather appropriate looking forward to finding them a special tree.
Michel C.Verified
Blue jay the same comment has Hummingbird.
Ashley L.Verified
Lovely! I bought these for my parents for their birthdays in June. So they haven't been outside yet. I did open them up and they are beautiful. The detail of the birds is great and the metal is good and solid! The quality looks awesome!
Leann K.Verified
Blue Jay Very cool.
Michael Q.Verified
Surprise I have a number of metal birds myself but the most fun is giving them to unexpected friends. When you present the package they haven't a clue what's inside but when they open it the say WOW, pick it up and read what it's all about. And they are a surprise to see in trees and posts at friends and relatives. Very unique indeed.
Karen L.Verified
They were all beautiful
Sheena B.Verified
Metal Bird Blue Jay I am always so pleased with my Metal Bird purchase. The Blue Jay was a first and it did not disappoint.