Tony B. review of Common Loon image 1 out of 5+4
Tony B.Verified
My collection is almost complete. Fantastic art and quality is outstanding!
Veronica A. review of Common Loon image 1 out of 1
Veronica A.Verified
This is my third metal bird We have loons on our lake and I wanted to have that reflected in m garden I had the loon mounted to a piece of driftwood and added accent lights
Janice M. review of Common Loon image 1 out of 1
Janice M.Verified
Absolutely love the loon. I bought it for my husband as he sits early morning and enjoys the loons on the lake in front of our cottage! Thank you
Ann V. review of Common Loon image 1 out of 1
Ann V.Verified
Loon Love our metal bird loon. It’s posted on our fence in front of our deck, overlooking our lake in Nova Scotia.
Ann W. review of Common Loon image 1 out of 1
Ann W.Verified
Great conversation piece I’m on year three with my loon and she is still sitting majestically on top of the pergola.
Howard F. review of Common Loon image 1 out of 1
Howard F.Verified
The Loon looks great at the lakefront.
Wayne H.Verified
loons Love the loons. We used to have a lake behind our home and heard the loons often. We now have a river out back but no loons....till now. Thanks!
Colin M.Verified
Great Christmas gift Gave the loon to my older sister and she loves it. They have a tree stump that is perfect for it.
Janice C.Verified
Awesome Love the design and bids.
Christine S.Verified
Loon Well I am a collector of loons, and when I saw you had a Metal Bird Loon I had to have it will be put up in the spring and I can't wait to see it on my home...right now its a gift under our tree...thank you for the beautiful loon...
Nancy C.Verified
Great gift Metalbird make wonderful gifts for any occasion. They are beautiful, special and people are surprised and thrilled when they open the box. The variety of birds is great , lots of choice. Ordering is easy and they arrive so quickly at my door. Love them!
Linda T.Verified
Backyard Art! Beautifully crafted from solid metal. Great gift for Birdwatchers!
Carol M.Verified
Beautiful artwork Love our two Metalbird sculptures. They are truly beautiful artwork and we are looking forward to figuring out just the perfect place to install them. My only caveat is that the spike end of the Loon was poking through the cardboard packaging, pierced the plastic mailing envelope and was fully exposed on arrival — and dangerous to whomever was handling the package! Next time, a larger cardboard envelope would be in order to prevent possible injury. Otherwise, well done and lov...
Caren C.Verified
A loon ~ a lake ~ nature’s language at it’s best Camping & canoeing in Algonquin Park was a ritual for many years for my children and their dad. The sound of the loon was as much apart of the fabric of those experiences as a beautiful sunrise or sunset. The loon was purchased with thoughts of those fond memories.
Anne G.Verified
Metalbird loon A gift going abroad to family. Excellent condition. Just as In photo shown. Have given a metalbird previously as a gift and is loved.
Barbara S.Verified
Looney for my Metalbird Loon I love my new Loon added now to my 10 other Metalbirds and one squirrel. I have them attached to the trees up at our trailer site. and have received many compliments from our fellow trailer neighbours .Our trailer is on a lake in Binbrook, Ontario, Canada. Barbara and Gerry Schuster.
Terry D.Verified
I have 8 birds I love all of them. this is one is great as I am able to pit it on a flat surface.
Normand G.Verified
Gift To friends on lake Muskoka Ont. Looms are their favorite birds. Thanks to you.
Candice O.Verified
LOVELY……for TWO cottage families up North:heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament:️:heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament:️
Sylvia F.Verified
Love it