Karley Gonzales review of Protector Panda Splash Guard
Karley Gonzales
Such a useful product! I'm always splashing myself accidentally when I'm washing things so this is great!
chris m.
Love this splash guard great invention recommend it to all who clean pots, pans or dishes by hand
Charli Cohen
I really needed this! It's been so helpful for when I wash dishes.
Blossom Huynh
Works great in my kitchen sink. It really does stop the splashing. 100% recommend.
Maira Oneill
Does a great job and the suction cups hold nicely to my sink. I'm definitely happy with this purchase.
Suzanna Fountain
Amazing! So nice to not have water all over the counter and my clothes :)
Keira Lester
I've been needing something like this for a while but didn't ever remember to look for one. Finally I saw a video and just had to buy it. It's been great so far! A real lifesaver.
Tayla Garner
very nice product. keeps my shallow sink from splashing me with water.
Paul Fowler
Works just as advertised. My wife loves the panda design.
Caely Wools
Best invention ever! It does an amazing job at keeping water from splashing everywhere!
Addi Matthews
We recently changed the faucet on the kitchen sink for more strength but I noticed I'd always be wet after doing dishes. Got this to help and it really solved the problem! Cute design too!
Ivie Frame
This is perfect for my sink which is in an open counter so water was always spraying all over the counter when I did the dishes. Love this!
Indi Bannister
Great! Easy to install and does its job really well. Nothing splashes on to my kitchen counter anymore.
Brandy Orozco
I give this 5 stars! Really blocks water - even in my super shallow kitchen sink
Phyllis Redman
I had a different splash guard but it didn't work well at all. This panda one is so much better and cuter too! I really like it a lot.
Maya Santana
great! really easy to place and makes a huge difference
Chase Lancaster
Got this for our RV sink which is pretty shallow. It works perfectly and keeps the RV countertop dry.