Zachery Hodge review of Avocado Saver Silicone Covers
Zachery Hodge
excellent. the small one fits inside the large one which is great for storing.
Lily Collier review of Avocado Saver Silicone Covers
Lily Collier
I really love this product. I found it works well and even better if you squirt a little lemon juice into it before storing.
Lily-May Beaumont review of Avocado Saver Silicone Covers
Lily-May Beaumont
I love this & it works really great. Avocado stays very fresh till the next day.
Avi Arias review of Avocado Saver Silicone Covers
Avi Arias
I'm obsessed with these avocado savers! Amazing concept that works really well!
Sadi Ye review of Avocado Saver Silicone Covers
Sadi Ye
Wonderful product. I use these multiple times a week.
Adela Martinez review of Avocado Saver Silicone Covers
Adela Martinez
Good quality. Highly recommend if you eat avocados!
Hayleigh Puckett review of Avocado Saver Silicone Covers
Hayleigh Puckett
I really really like these. I always wondered how to keep avocados fresh so these are perfect!
Austin Coffey
Keeps the avocado fresh for at least a couple of days! Very impressed.
Abbi Cooper
I don't think anything is quite perfect for saving this delicate fruit, but these covers are waaaayyy better than any other method I've seen/tried!
Eleanor Cash
Good product, works wonderfully
Casper Wolf
I'll admit I was a bit skeptical but the product really works! Highly recommend these.
Valentina Walker
Much to my surprise, the avocado covers do work very well. Much better than plastic wrap.
Hannah Bannett
Love these! I use the small cover all the time and it works really well. It's also better for the environment than plastic which is a huge bonus for me.
Maira Duarte
I have a slight avocado addiction so these are a GREAT addition to my kitchen! I love them.
Chris King
These avocado savers work great at saving avocados. I recommend them to everyone.
Ravey Heaton
5 stars - these actually work really really good!
Sylvia Mason
Easy to use and very, very helpful. I'm very happy I came across these.
Milly Meadows
I'm so impressed with this! I can save 1/2 an avocado for several days without it turning brown or black!
Marvin Prince
easy to use and actually works really well, nice and easy to clean too
Elysia Wolfe
Amazing! I haven't wasted a single avocado since receiving these!
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