Gia Avalos review of Foot Heat Massage Machine
Gia Avalos
Soooo nice! It gets very warm and the vibrations are so soothing. I LOVE this thing!
Avani Cuevas review of Foot Heat Massage Machine
Avani Cuevas
Excellent heat and vibrations. I recommend.
Beatrice Dunn review of Foot Heat Massage Machine
Beatrice Dunn
excellent massager! especially love that it uses heat too because my feet are always so cold.
Carmen Hensen review of Foot Heat Massage Machine
Carmen Hensen
It's a very nice massage unit. Soft, warm, and feels great.
Jackson Ramsay review of Foot Heat Massage Machine
Jackson Ramsay
This is a very high quality massager. I use it multiple times a week for my feet and it's been amazing.
Miles Ingram review of Foot Heat Massage Machine
Miles Ingram
My girlfriend is obsessed with this foot massager. I always come home from work and find her using it. I've tried it too and it feels amazing.
Elis Bourne review of Foot Heat Massage Machine
Elis Bourne
Very very nice. Love that it does heat and vibrating too.
Clive Schneider review of Foot Heat Massage Machine
Clive Schneider
Got this for my wife who works on her feet all day every day and she loves it
Keiren Davids
This massager and heater is exactly what my sore, tired feet needed. I highly recommend to anyone who suffers sore feet.
Billie Sargeant
I have pretty bad arthritis in both my feet and it gets pretty painful. Now with this foot massager I can relieve the pain in about 10 minutes.
Harriett Barnes
It feels amazing! Great for a cold winter evening!
Kelsie Corrigan
I actually bought this for my husband because his feet get very cold when he's at his computer. He absolutely loves it!
Elle Contrares
This thing is great after a long day at work. I look forward to using it at the end of the day.
Tristan Brady
very impressed with this product. it feels really great and absolutely helps to relieve foot pain.
Amari Devine
So worth the money! This foot heater/massager is perfect!
Antoinette Cannon
Fantastic. I'm pregnant and my feet swell often so this helps a lot.
Janet Sexton
Bought this for the heater portion because I always have cold feet but the massager is a huge plus! I love it.
Abby Buxton
Very relaxing foot massage with heat! Who wouldn't want that? It feels amazing and I 100% recommend!
Mai Farmer
Got this for my mom for her birthday and she loves it. Her feet are always aching at the end of the day so she's really happy she has this to relieve them now.
Bradley Crawford
This thing is great! I love how it detaches and can be used on my back too.