Gus Klinger review of Knee Reliever Machine
Gus Klinger
I work on my feet all day and I noticed my knees have recently been very painful. I got this to try and relieve the pain before it gets too bad. I'd say it really works! I don't feel as much pain at all now.
KJ Smalls review of Knee Reliever Machine
KJ Smalls
Ordered this after years of knee pain. I saw IMMEDIATE relief as soon as I tried it. If you suffer from knee pain, I'd say it's definitely worth a shot!
Tena Shields review of Knee Reliever Machine
Tena Shields
I wish I could give this more than 5 stars! The heat feels amazing and provides soothing relief while the vibration massages my achy knees.
Tarah Rollins review of Knee Reliever Machine
Tarah Rollins
Great product! Really helps with my knee pain.
Harley Hermann review of Knee Reliever Machine
Harley Hermann
Vibrations and heat settings both work and despite its size, the thing is actually pretty comfortable. I recommend trying it.
Zita Loid review of Knee Reliever Machine
Zita Loid
I could say a lot of amazing things about these miracle workers but overall they work great and I'd recommend them to anyone. Using them has really been helping a lot with my sore knees.
Marina Falk review of Knee Reliever Machine
Marina Falk
My husband has an old knee injury so I bought this in hopes of giving him some relief at home. He was ecstatic when he used it. It actually helped with his pain! He uses it all the time now.
Marcelo Beaulieu review of Knee Reliever Machine
Marcelo Beaulieu
So happy with this purchase! I had agonizing pain in my left knee and it has helped me out so much!
Richard M.
I like your product use it when I can bought a second one to use at my cabin so I don't have to take it with me
Jacob M.
we love this item. It is so comfortable and really helps relieve pain in my knees.
jim r.
I was very pleased with the item it works very well on the knee pain
Raymond S.
My wife's knees are in bad shape sand she uses the device daily, and loves the heat and vibration. Too soon to tell on the overall value of the item.
Kelsey Foley
My mom has been having some pretty horrible knee pain and swelling along with it. I purchased this to see if it could relieve some of her pain. I'm very happy to report that she loves it and uses it all the time!
Phillis Moser
I bought this for my mom-in-law who suffers from pretty bad knee pain due to weight and bone deterioration. I wasn't sure if it would work but she says she uses it twice and day and has noticed a lot of pain relief.
Sang Gannon
Great product, worked as described. Pain is gone!
Margaret Cordero
Purchased for my poor husband and he loves it! Says its really helped him a lot with the pain.
Joy Branham
I LOVE this machine! Absolutely wonderful and worth every single dollar spent. The heat and vibrations work perfectly together to relieve pain.
Cam Thornhill
Amazing product. The heat plus the massage turns out to be great therapy. I recommend it to everyone.
Mel Yee
I've suffered bad knee pain for years now and nothing has worked quite as great as this machine. It has given me so much relief. I wish I had bought it sooner.