Jay Duggan review of Counter Bridge Gap Cover
Jay Duggan
These look great! I was worried they'd look stupid but they really do blend in and look like they're part of the stove. I recommend!
Chieko Overby review of Counter Bridge Gap Cover
Chieko Overby
Looks neat and keeps out the food spills when cooking! I'm shocked that I didn't find something like this before!
Jackie Barone review of Counter Bridge Gap Cover
Jackie Barone
These work perfectly! I had some hard plastic gap covers before but these silicone ones are waayyy better!
Giovanni Fry
Love these things. They really catch all the spills from the stove so I don't have to try and squeeze my arm in there to pick it all up.
Cornelia Marchand
These covers are great! I'm very happy with them.
Lauren Packer
I was absolutely appalled when my stove was moved away from the wall to replace the floors in my kitchen. So much food and gunk on the sides of the stove!! These aren't just nice to have... they're an absolute necessity!
Dalila Bedford
Five stars. Works just like it should!
Georgianna W
Really nice! They fit perfectly and are so convenient!
Mariela Barrows
These covers are pretty good quality and wide enough to fill gaps. It's nice that they also have a small thin flap thing underneath to stop the covers from moving.
Gerald Gladney
They work perfectly and were easy to trim a bit to fit my stove just right.
Mercedes Magee
I can't believe I didn't think of trying to find something like this sooner! I could never stop dropping food between our stove and counter while cooking. These covers are absolutely perfect!
Roger Andersen
Works good and matches my black stove nicely. I'd buy these things again for sure.
Melanie Keene
Amazing. I should have bought these a long time ago!
Shirly Brandon
I kept having problems dropping food between my stove so I really needed these. They work just fine. No complaints.
Isidra Ring
I'm very happy with these gap covers because cleaning that crevice between my stove and counter was torture!