Gordon Andrews review of Silicone Scrubber Bristly Gloves
Gordon Andrews
love them. scrub well and they are made of good quality. no water gets inside because the gloves are long enough
Jimmy Ball review of Silicone Scrubber Bristly Gloves
Jimmy Ball
Great purchase! They have so many uses. Cleaning the kitchen sink and dishes, removing cat and dog fur from furniture, and so on. I'm impressed.
Juan Riley review of Silicone Scrubber Bristly Gloves
Juan Riley
Amazing! The gloves are excellent for cleaning... better than a sponge even!
Audrey Campbell review of Silicone Scrubber Bristly Gloves
Audrey Campbell
These are amazing! You can use for everything! I recommend to everyone for sure!
Cory Park review of Silicone Scrubber Bristly Gloves
Cory Park
Nice and durable and do their job well
Amber Drake review of Silicone Scrubber Bristly Gloves
Amber Drake
I hate washing dishes so I decided to give these a try. They work great at keeping my hands clean and away from the gross leftover food and stuff.
Geraldine Washington review of Silicone Scrubber Bristly Gloves
Geraldine Washington
These are great! So useful for washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. I have small hands and I was afraid these wouldn't fit but they do!
Dawn Deason review of Silicone Scrubber Bristly Gloves
Dawn Deason
Awesome product. Soft & good texture, pretty useful for keeping your hands clean when washing the dishes.
Adrienne Morris review of Silicone Scrubber Bristly Gloves
Adrienne Morris
The gloves are amazing. This is actually my second pair that I've bought. I now have one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom.
Valerie Hoffman
I absolutely love these! I actually have two separate sets. One for dishes and one for cleaning.
Beth Taylor
I love these. They work great. I think I need another pair for my bathroom because I use the pair I have for dishes and definitely don't want to mix them.
Darryl Morrison
Good quality, super handy and most importantly it super easy to clean. Easy to get a nice good amount of foam going too.
Donna Gonzales
I love this product so much that I bought 3 more pairs to use in all the different rooms of my house
Bruce Young
I bought these to wash dishes and they've worked great so far. I think the material will last longer than the normal yellow dishwashing gloves too.
Dewey Curtis
These gloves are awesome for washing the dog. Love them.
Gloria Barnes
These are amazing for washing dishes in hot water. I feel no burn!
Toby Robinson
Great, functional, and durable. We use them for everything and they're still going strong!
Evelyn Vega
Love these gloves! The bristles make it so easy to clean things without using a separate sponge.
Lonnie Carter
These gloves are surprisingly strong. They've lasted longer than any other cleaning gloves I've used.
Vicki Norman
I really like and recommend. These bristles are very soft for washing delicate dishes.
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