Elsy Oaks review of Baby Safety Locks Set
Elsy Oaks
We were having a terrible time keeping our toddler out of the cabinets. So far these locks have been working pretty well.
Zandra Keel review of Baby Safety Locks Set
Zandra Keel
Love that the set comes with 10 locks so we could equip our whole kitchen.
Jolene Benitez review of Baby Safety Locks Set
Jolene Benitez
I actually got these because my cat won't stay out of the kitchen cabinets when the gardeners come. So far so good!
Yelena Beach review of Baby Safety Locks Set
Yelena Beach
These are just what we needed for our entertainment center. My son loved to open the cabinet and pull everything out but this solved the problem.
Hassie Dailey review of Baby Safety Locks Set
Hassie Dailey
Perfect for keeping my baby out of my bathroom vanity. I have hair ties and hot tools with wires in there so we needed a quick solution. These are perfect.
Penny Goode review of Baby Safety Locks Set
Penny Goode
These are great baby locks. We are in a rental home and can't drill holes so these are perfect.
Nestor Gallardo review of Baby Safety Locks Set
Nestor Gallardo
Nice locks. They accomplish what I wanted at an excellent price, would recommend!
Elenora Hawthorne review of Baby Safety Locks Set
Elenora Hawthorne
I purchased these to keep my exploring 18 month old out of cabinets. These were very easy to apply and seem to do the trick.
Sol Coward
Easy to install. Easy for adults to latch and unlatch. Great for keeping little hands out of the kitchen cabinets.
Delphia Raymond
Love these! Works perfectly and so easy to install.
Lani Billingsly
These are amazing for keeping the kids (age 1 and 3) out of all the snack drawers in the kitchen. Would definitely buy them again.
Maire Barba
Just what we needed to keep the 2 year old out of the cabinets!
Damion Escobedo
These locks work great! If you're in need of some no-drill baby locks, these are your solution!
Marlene Regalado
I was hesitant about buying these, but they turned out to be one of the best baby proofing purchase we've made so far!
Tamesha Wiese
I bought two sets to put on ALL the drawers and cabinets in my kitchen and bathroom. My little girl hates them but they definitely do their job at keeping her out!