Martha Klein
I bought this glass for my daughter who loooves mermaids and she likes it very much. Perfect size and very cute!
Loretta Shaw
This is a beautiful glass! & looks extremly nice when you put a drink in that has a high contrast with the background.
Elly Baldwin
This is my new favorite glass! It looks amazing with colorful liquid inside!
Marcia Hardy
The glass is a real attention getter! Very beautiful too and extremely well-made. Not like cheap little trinkets.
Kristie Grant
So so cute! Met all my epectations.
Anne Davidson
Awesome! A little bit bigger than I pictured but that's a plus!
Will Bowers
Bought it for my girlfriend who loves mermaids. The glass is much higher quality than I expected and she loves it.
Amy Green
My niece is a HUGE mermaid-lover so I knew this cup woul be perfect for her. She loves it! Her mom even says she's willing to drink more water now but only if it's out of this glass lol
Owen Swanson
I'm very impressed with the quality of this glass. It's very well-made. My little mermaid loves it.
Alison Washington
I love this glass. I bought it for a friend's b-day. Too cute and perfect for a mermaid lover.
Nellie Cook
Very beuaitufl glass. Makes drinking more fun :)
Gladys Potter
Gave this to our college-aged granddaughter who really likes mermaids. The glass is beautiful. I was surprised that it was actually made of glass. Well worth the price!
Rene Chambers
The glass is so cute! Great for a mermaid or ocean lover.
Colleen Stanley
Perfectly beautiful glass. It arrived in great shape and is a hit at our house!
Jeannie Reese
This glass is so beautiful and the quality is amazing. I love it!