Amy Peterson review of Banana Brush
Amy Peterson
Got this as part of a baby shower gift for my sister-in-law. It's so cute and doesn't feel too hard at all like other teethers. She's going to love it!
Ruben Day review of Banana Brush
Ruben Day
Baby likes it and it seems to have soothed his teething pain quite a bit, so we're happy.
Ashley Jacobs review of Banana Brush
Ashley Jacobs
This is totally worth it for a teething baby! My baby boy rubbed it over his gums for a whole hour the second I gave it to him!
Erika Morales review of Banana Brush
Erika Morales
My poor little guy was teething so badly. This has given him so much comfort from the moment we got it.
Jon Schultz review of Banana Brush
Jon Schultz
This is a vast improvement from the teethers we found for our first child. The little bristles on the end are a game-changer.
Nina Lamb review of Banana Brush
Nina Lamb
I've been searching for the perfect teether that wasnt made of harsh plastic and this one has been a saving grace! My little one loves it!
Jacquelyn Welch review of Banana Brush
Jacquelyn Welch
My child LOOOVES this teether!! I can tell it has even helped his hand-eye coordination!
Eloise Hunter review of Banana Brush
Eloise Hunter
My daughter loves to chomp on this chew toy. I bought it because it was super cute and has bristles. The tiny handles are a plus too!