Rosemarie Barnes review of Baby Tent
Rosemarie Barnes
This is one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. I bought it because we were going on a trip to visit my in-laws with my 1 year old but he doesn't sleep well in other places. So we set it up in his crib to get him used to it and then he slept amazingly in it on the trip!
Maggie Townsend review of Baby Tent
Maggie Townsend
This is PERFECT for our 3 month old when we sit by the pool!
Jennie Hernandez review of Baby Tent
Jennie Hernandez
We just got back from a trip to Mexico with our 4 mo old and this was A MUST! We would set it up on a lounge chair in between us at the pool and knew our little girl was safe. She got so used to it that we use it daily at home too!
Leona Carson review of Baby Tent
Leona Carson
This has been one of out most used baby buys of the year! We use it every time we decide to relax outside with the baby.
Judith Bryant review of Baby Tent
Judith Bryant
This tent is so useful! And I love how lightweight and portable it is. It folds up into a nice little circle so I can just fit it behind my seat in the car.