Patrick Pincus review of Frog Toilet
Patrick Pincus
This has been a winner since it arrived. Great quality, great size, and our son loves using it.
Magdelena Barba review of Frog Toilet
Magdelena Barba
Got this for my grandson. The small size is perfect for him and the frog design is adorable.
Walker Shaul review of Frog Toilet
Walker Shaul
Nice little urinal. My son loves the spinning tongue and goes right into trying to aim for it.
Alexia Krennemer review of Frog Toilet
Alexia Krennemer
It's a very good design for urinal for potty training. My little boy loves the frog face!
Dawn Gift review of Frog Toilet
Dawn Gift
This is the cutest little thing and it's the perfect height for my 4 year old!
Ariane Dixion review of Frog Toilet
Ariane Dixion
My 4 year old little man loves this! It's so cute and fun! He doesn't even have to be told to try and go potty anymore because he thinks it's the best!
Willy Kidder review of Frog Toilet
Willy Kidder
My son loves this thing. His favorite part is aiming for the spinning tongue.
Barb Rote review of Frog Toilet
Barb Rote
This is the perfect potty for any little boy! Our grandson absolutely loves it and things going potty is fun now.
Darcia Yamamoto review of Frog Toilet
Darcia Yamamoto
Super easy to install and the perfect size for your little guy. So fun to use with a little tongue they can aim for to make it spin.
Sabastian Engel review of Frog Toilet
Sabastian Engel
Attaches to the wall so easily and my son seems to really like it.
Tricia Mumma review of Frog Toilet
Tricia Mumma
This is the cutest little potty training urinal! The colors are vibrant and my son actually has fun using it.