Rebecca T. review of Kangaroo Hoodie
Rebecca T.
The Kangaroo Hoodie is amazing. We got a new puppy that had some issues with being alone but was still too young to be put on the ground. He needed his final round of vaccines. We have a bag but after about 20 minutes this was straining my shoulder. The hoodie was perfect. No strain on the shoulders, the puppy was off the ground and he was able to stay warm. Cons: The size is a little snug. I would buy one to two sizes up. I don't know if my head to big or what. The neck hole seems tight too....
Mary B. review of Kangaroo Hoodie
Mary B.
Gave it as a gift, she loved it and so did the dog. Big hit!
Bernadine Fallon review of Kangaroo Hoodie
Bernadine Fallon
Nice hoodie. The pocket is big enough for my 4-pound Yorkie. We'll be getting a lot of use out of this!
Laurie Mccuen review of Kangaroo Hoodie
Laurie Mccuen
It’s perfect for carrying our dog around in. I’m ordering another for my husband as well!
Milly Linzy review of Kangaroo Hoodie
Milly Linzy
My cat is attached to my hip 24/7 and needs to be with me all the time... she’s a huge mama’s girl so she’s stoked! This is awesome for us!
marsha m.
It is nice material and my little dog fits right in it.
Rylee J.
Super cute, takes some time for my cat to get use to but super fun!
Clint W.
Our daughter picked this shirt out for my wife because with four cats in the house, there’s always one up in her arms it seems. This shirt gives them a nice little bed to be carried around in while also taking a load off your’s a win win situation. I thought it would be more of a novelty, but it turned out to be quite useful.
Heidi B.
Gave as a gift for Christmas. Animal lover friend loves it!
Lora S.
Perfect fit!
Amy Kleine
I LOVE this. Perfectly fits my cat
Jenni Freitas
My cat gets mad when I make him leave the hoodie. he loves it!
Shantell Ingenito
My small toy poodle fits snugly. Awesome!!
Gwyneth Pettry
great material, great fun
Helen Zigler
Soooo happy with this. Little alice loves it too <3
Taryn Vanderpool
Best. Hoodie. Ever.
Cristi Prosper
I bought one to see if it was good quality, and now I just bought 3 more for my friends. 5/5
Crystal Pagaduan
The amazing thing is the hoodie itself is really warm! Oh and the pouch for my cat is pretty awesome too.
Joana Hutsell
exactly as advertised in the Video. great.