Marcia Young review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Marcia Young
These are the cutest things! My little one doesn't like wearing too many clothes but he actually loves these - or at least keeps them on without any fuss ;)
Ramona Frank review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Ramona Frank
I didn't have these for my first daughter but got them now with my second because we recently moved into a condo with only hardwood floors. I feel much better while my baby is wearing these.
Paulette Sparks review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Paulette Sparks
I would give these 20 stars if possible. The fabric is good quality and they're not too constricting on my baby's legs. She loves wearing them and I feel good knowing her tiny knees are safe!
Lorene Watkins review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Lorene Watkins
They fit great and the mint color is just adorable!
Monique Ruiz review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Monique Ruiz
Got these for my baby nephew to protect his knees since he just started crawling. So cute!
Donna Cain review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Donna Cain
Perfect for my 7 month old baby girl! Thick enough for Grandma's tiled floors!
Delores Mendoza review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Delores Mendoza
I didn't exactly get these to protect my baby's knees but rather to try and get her to start crawling. I was hoping the non-slip grips would help her knees catch on our hardwood floors and get her moving better and they really did! We love them!
Lorraine Torres review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Lorraine Torres
Love them! The grips even help on our wood floors so he doesn't slip around.
Annie Bowen review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Annie Bowen
My little boy loves to crawl. He's always on the move but I'm always afraid of him hurting his knees with how fast and how much he crawls, so these are great!
Helen Daniel review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Helen Daniel
My little guy looks so cute in these... like a little athlete!
Tricia Barrett review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Tricia Barrett
Got a couple pairs and we absolutely love them. The colors are very cute too.
Erika Walsh review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Erika Walsh
Can't go wrong with these! They save my baby's knees from carpet burns
Mona Goodman review of Baby Safety Knee Pads
Mona Goodman
I got these for my granddaughter. They're so stinkin' cute!
Kristen Martin
Love these - they keep my baby's legs warm without being too thick or too hot.
Lynne Norman
I purchased a few pairs for my daughter to use with our grandson. They're great for protecting his knees when he crawls.
Jan Ray
My poor girl got a pretty bad rug burn one time and I felt so bad for her, I knew I had to do something to prevent that from happening again. These are a great solution and they look so cute on her!
Marilyn Mcguire
My little crawler definitely needed these! I recommend to any mom.
Lena Knight
Love these knee pads. They look like little baby leg warmers!
Courtney Page
I never thought about buying knee pads for a baby before but I thought it was a cool idea, so I got them for my sister to use with my nephew. She loved them!
Erma Graves
They're pretty simple knee pads but we love them! I first got the grey ones but I'm ordering the other colors too for variety :)
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