Luis Halper review of Anti-Snoring Device
Luis Halper
At first it was a little bit uncomfortable, but after a few uses I quickly had adapted to it. My sleep is much better now. Great product!
Lauren Rothstein review of Anti-Snoring Device
Lauren Rothstein
At first, I was skeptical but knowing that snoring can make married couples sleep in separate bed, and this is not something I would like to go through. I decided to buy it... Last night, thanks to this device I slept like a baby and my husband no longer snores. Thank you so much!
Rhonda Sliger review of Anti-Snoring Device
Rhonda Sliger
It actually works, I sleep on my back most of the time and snore normally but this device changes the way I breathe.
Marvin Jumper review of Anti-Snoring Device
Marvin Jumper
Bought this for my mother who snores all the time, after she started using the product it definitely reduced her snoring. she also mentioned it takes a little getting used too, but after a couple nights it actually helped her sleep better.
Eve Norwood review of Anti-Snoring Device
Eve Norwood
Awesome Product! I don't go to sleep without it! It has stopped my snoring and improved my sleep drastically, definitely recommend!
Lorette Colwell review of Anti-Snoring Device
Lorette Colwell
Great Product works for me... it feels a little different but I got use to it.
Elina Burry review of Anti-Snoring Device
Elina Burry
Amazing success so far! Gave this to my husband, and he has been having great results. Finally peace throughout the night :)
Melissa Kershner review of Anti-Snoring Device
Melissa Kershner
Works perfectly well, I’ve been using this for couple of days and it’s been helping with the sleep.
Phillip Corker review of Anti-Snoring Device
Phillip Corker
Girlfriend made me order this because I was keeping her up at night and I tried it for the last few nights and she said I stopped snoring so it works as expected.
Marianne Atlas review of Anti-Snoring Device
Marianne Atlas
Small and compact and can easily used on vacation when traveling but also effective!
Daron Spece review of Anti-Snoring Device
Daron Spece
I highly recommend this to anyone that struggles with or has someone close to them that struggles with being a loud snorer.
Juliana Abie review of Anti-Snoring Device
Juliana Abie
This was awesome for my husband. It was so nice having a quite week of sleep because my husband wasn’t snoring with this. I’m encouraging him to buy another :)
Serina Walder review of Anti-Snoring Device
Serina Walder
This little device helps my breathing so much at night. I wake up more refreshed. There’s only one issue I have. It could use a strap that helps keep it in place. Sometimes It falls out in the middle of the night and when I get up in the morning our dogs find it before I do. I need to order my 3rd one thanks to my puppies. Please make them dog proof.
Stephanie Roloan review of Anti-Snoring Device
Stephanie Roloan
Its a small thing but extremely useful! My partners snoring stopped and was able to sleep lol
Sam Burnham review of Anti-Snoring Device
Sam Burnham
I had problems sleeping bc of the wife waking me up bc i was snoring. This helped me sleep better and her to get off my ass. Would buy again so she will leave me be
james k.
only used it a few times so far, but works a treat
Anna B.
ok hubby is silent
Raul Rodriguez
If your wife constantly wakes you up in the middle of the night to stop snoring, do yourself a favor and get this thing. You'll both sleep better!
Glenn Freeman
After hearing my girlfriend complain about my snoring for the 1000th time, I just had to buy this. It looks funny when I put it on but it actually helps she says!
Neal Mccarthy
My wife snores. It's not too loud but definitely loud enough to keep me awake if I'm already having trouble falling asleep. I got her this anti-snoring device and she's been a good sport about it. And so far, no snoring!
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