Luis Halper review of Anti-Snoring Device
Luis Halper
At first it was a little bit uncomfortable, but after a few uses I quickly had adapted to it. My sleep is much better now. Great product!
Lauren Rothstein review of Anti-Snoring Device
Lauren Rothstein
At first, I was skeptical but knowing that snoring can make married couples sleep in separate bed, and this is not something I would like to go through. I decided to buy it... Last night, thanks to this device I slept like a baby and my husband no longer snores. Thank you so much!
Rhonda Sliger review of Anti-Snoring Device
Rhonda Sliger
It actually works, I sleep on my back most of the time and snore normally but this device changes the way I breathe.
Marvin Jumper review of Anti-Snoring Device
Marvin Jumper
Bought this for my mother who snores all the time, after she started using the product it definitely reduced her snoring. she also mentioned it takes a little getting used too, but after a couple nights it actually helped her sleep better.
Eve Norwood review of Anti-Snoring Device
Eve Norwood
Awesome Product! I don't go to sleep without it! It has stopped my snoring and improved my sleep drastically, definitely recommend!
Lorette Colwell review of Anti-Snoring Device
Lorette Colwell
Great Product works for me... it feels a little different but I got use to it.
Elina Burry review of Anti-Snoring Device
Elina Burry
Amazing success so far! Gave this to my husband, and he has been having great results. Finally peace throughout the night :)
Melissa Kershner review of Anti-Snoring Device
Melissa Kershner
Works perfectly well, I’ve been using this for couple of days and it’s been helping with the sleep.
Phillip Corker review of Anti-Snoring Device
Phillip Corker
Girlfriend made me order this because I was keeping her up at night and I tried it for the last few nights and she said I stopped snoring so it works as expected.
Marianne Atlas review of Anti-Snoring Device
Marianne Atlas
Small and compact and can easily used on vacation when traveling but also effective!
Daron Spece review of Anti-Snoring Device
Daron Spece
I highly recommend this to anyone that struggles with or has someone close to them that struggles with being a loud snorer.
Juliana Abie review of Anti-Snoring Device
Juliana Abie
This was awesome for my husband. It was so nice having a quite week of sleep because my husband wasn’t snoring with this. I’m encouraging him to buy another :)
Serina Walder review of Anti-Snoring Device
Serina Walder
This little device helps my breathing so much at night. I wake up more refreshed. There’s only one issue I have. It could use a strap that helps keep it in place. Sometimes It falls out in the middle of the night and when I get up in the morning our dogs find it before I do. I need to order my 3rd one thanks to my puppies. Please make them dog proof.
Stephanie Roloan review of Anti-Snoring Device
Stephanie Roloan
Its a small thing but extremely useful! My partners snoring stopped and was able to sleep lol
Sam Burnham review of Anti-Snoring Device
Sam Burnham
I had problems sleeping bc of the wife waking me up bc i was snoring. This helped me sleep better and her to get off my ass. Would buy again so she will leave me be
suhail s.
it is a good product
james k.
only used it a few times so far, but works a treat
Anna B.
ok hubby is silent
Raul Rodriguez
If your wife constantly wakes you up in the middle of the night to stop snoring, do yourself a favor and get this thing. You'll both sleep better!
Glenn Freeman
After hearing my girlfriend complain about my snoring for the 1000th time, I just had to buy this. It looks funny when I put it on but it actually helps she says!
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