Eva V. review of Hair Color Wax Dye
Eva V.
The dye was really good. It made my curls more defined and it didn’t flake up.
Nina G. review of Hair Color Wax Dye
Nina G.
Worked great, color was perfect! It washed right out later that night when I showered. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to permanently dye their hair.
Loretta P. review of Hair Color Wax Dye
Loretta P.
Used it day one of getting this and love it! Got the 7 color bundle, totally worth it, diff color everyday of the week :-] Highly recommend.
Helen F. review of Hair Color Wax Dye
Helen F.
The best wax ever ! Thanks !!!
Kathleen M. review of Hair Color Wax Dye
Kathleen M.
Product was great; performed as it should
Maria R. review of Hair Color Wax Dye
Maria R.
Just as described, thankss!
Danny G. review of Hair Color Wax Dye
Danny G.
It does its job well, quick and nice color :)
Stephanie J. review of Hair Color Wax Dye
Stephanie J.
As happy as a pig in mud, everything I wanted/needed.
Stanely Q. review of Hair Color Wax Dye
Stanely Q.
It's a wonderful hair product I recommend this to all.
Bridget M. review of Hair Color Wax Dye
Bridget M.
Great, the color is nice and it comes out easily in the shower. Shipping was good as well. I would recommend to anyone who wants a a simple and fun hair dye product that can be washed out easily.
caroline s.
Loved it can't wait to get another tub of another colour
Angel Roberts
Great color, easy to apply, and doesn't leave any weird dye smell in your hair!
Gretchen Scott
Perfect for changing up your hair color for a day. Application was super easy! I just swipde some on my fingers and pulled it through my hair from the root to the ends.
Damon Lyons
Used it on my son to turn his hair white. It worked pretty well and even doubled as a gel to keep his hair in place.
Alberto Mathis
Not like other waxes because it's not sticky at all, which I really really like.
Henrietta Brady
LOVE this hair dye! I use it with my normal curl cream to get my hair to curl while the color is in and it looks great!
Ida Bowen
Perfect because you can choose how soft or stiff you want your hair to be. Use more to get your hair to hold a style and use less for a softer colored look.
Santos Lowe
Great styling wax! I have fine hair and this stuff keeps my hair in whatever shape I put it in.
Bruce Conner
Went to a costume party and needed something to quickly change my hair blue. This worked very well and got the job done!
Louise Riley
I have dark brown hair and this actually worked for me! Unlike other temporary hair dyes I've used, you can actually see the color on my dark hair!