Callie C. review of Proud T-Shirt
Callie C.
Excellent customer service 😍
Zowen G. review of Rainbow Flag Embroidered Hoodie
Zowen G.
The embroidered art is the most important part of the hoodie so I decided to put a close-up picture of what the art looks like after being washed. It looks great. (Can't say the same for hoodies I bought from other companies.) I decided after wasting hundreds of dollars on shirts and hoodies that lost all artwork after 3 washes that I would only by embroidered shirts and hoodies from now on. I have a short sleeve shirt and 3 hoodies! I am a repeat customer because the quality is consistent.
Jordan  B. review of Eggplant Emoji Dad Hat
Jordan B.
loooove the hat it suits me fan favorite
Sarah D. review of Lesbian Pride Throw Blanket
Sarah D.
This blanket is super soft and comfy! When I bought it I thought it’d be more of a fleece blanket but it’s a thinner polyester.